Sterling Shepard Sister: Who Are Shelby And Ashleigh?

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Sterling Shepard Sister: The American professional football player Sterling Shepard grew up with his two siblings, Shelby and Ashleigh Shepard.

The Shepard family is rooted in a passion for athletics. Sterling’s late father, Derrick, played at Oklahoma and NFL in the 80s.

Moreover, the sister of Sterling, Shelby Shepard, participated in basketball, soccer, and track in the early days.

The American Professional Football Player, Sterling Shepard
The American Professional Football Player, Sterling Shepard (Source: Instagram)

Sterling Shepard used to play collegiate football in Oklahoma. During his senior year of high school, Sterling also played basketball.

The New York Giants selected Shepard with the forty-first overall choice in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He was picked that year as the fifth wide receiver overall.

Shepard and Odell Beckham Jr. started as wide receivers in the regular season of 2016.

He finished the season with 65 receptions for 683 receiving yards and eight receiving touchdowns.

In Week 15 of the 2017 season’s schedule against the Eagles, Shepard tied his previous record for receptions and set a new one for targets with sixteen.

Later, in April 2019, the wide receiver signed a four-year contract extension with the Giants. Overall, Shepard finished the 2019 season with 57 receptions for 576 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns.

He is currently in a one-year contract with the Giants since March 2023.

Sterling Shepard Sister

Sterling Shepard grew up with his two sisters, Shelby and Ashleigh, with whom he was very close from the beginning days.

Shepard’s sister, Shelby, followed in her father’s footsteps and enjoyed collegiate and high school sports in the early days.

The daughter of Cheri and the late Derric Shepard earned a track scholarship at Oral Roberts University.

The Sister Of Sterling Shepard, Shelby Shepard
The Sister Of Sterling Shepard, Shelby Shepard (Source: The Oklahoman)

The Heritage Hall athlete, Shelby, was also good at soccer in her school days. She was also a member of the Heritage Hall basketball team.

Sterling’s sister returned to track in 2013 and won the long jump in three meets, including the Class 4A state meet, where she jumped 17 feet, 33/4 inches to win by one-fourth of an inch.

Shepard’s junior year performance motivated her to explore future collegiate track opportunities, and her dedication throughout gave her that chance at Oral Roberts, where she signed in February 2014.

More On Sterling Shepard Sister Ashleigh

Ashleigh Shepard grew up in the wonderful state of Oklahoma after being born in Dallas, Texas.

She attended the University of Oklahoma and earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science after leaving Oklahoma City’s Northeast Academy.

At the young age of nine, she lost her father, Derrick Shepard.

Ashleigh and her brother, Sterling, and sister, Shelby, spent summers at her grandparent’s home, which was always filled with cousins and visiting friends.

The Cover Image Of Sterling and His Sister's Book
The Cover Image Of Sterling and His Sister’s Book (Source: Amazon)

Those summers are the basis for many feel-good memories she carries with her today.

In order to aid her younger brother and sister with their reading abilities, Ashleigh tutored them when she was a young girl to support her widowed mother.

Ashleigh Shepard is an author. She and her brother, Sterling, co-authored the novel The Adventures of Young Shep: Young Shep Saves the Game.

She now sees assisting kids as her life’s work and intends to develop publications kids will adore!

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