Steve Angeli Parents: Father Janos And Mother Stefanie

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The University of Notre Dame QB Steve Angeli is making significant headway in college football, boosted by the love and support of his parents. 

Going into his junior year at Notre Dame, Steve Angeli is expected to be one of the key squad members.

This stems from his excellent performances as a rotational player in his first two years.

A fragment of the credit for his excellent performances should also go to his cooperative family and parents.

Notre Dame QB Steve Angeli
Notre Dame QB Steve Angeli (Source: Instagram)

Steve attended Bergen Catholic High School and starred for them as a QB. Subsequently, his good performances were rewarded with a 4-star ESPN rating.

After committing to Notre Dame, he has mostly featured as a role player in his freshman and sophomore years. However, he has quickly become a crowd favorite.

Needless to say, the athletic and highly talented QB is expected to make big waves in his junior and senior years.

Steve Angeli Parents

Steve was born to his parents, father Janos and mother Stefanie, and is a native of Oradell, New Jersey.

Steve’s parents are highly experienced personalities in the corporate sector around New York and New Jersey.

Regarding his father, Janos is the Vice President of Enterprise Project Management at Colliers. Additionally, this company is based out of New Jersey.

His LinkedIn profile showcases a multifaceted portfolio of a corporate career spanning over 25 years.

Working as an engineer, project manager, administrative CEO, and more, he has divulged into various fields.

Steve Angeli Parents And Family
Steve Angeli Parents And Family (Source: Irish Sports Daily)

Before his professional pursuit, he graduated with a degree in Marine Engineering from Marine Maritime Academy.

Likewise, Steve’s mother, Stefanie, is also a successful personality in the corporate and management sector.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications from Monmouth University in 1986.

She is a senior accounts manager at ALM Media in New York City.

Working in sales, advertising, and the accounting sector over the years, she is vastly adept at her skills.

Having parents who have achieved so much in their respective fields is a massive motivator for Steve.

Additionally, they also take time off from their busy office lives to watch Steve’s matches. This is a testament to their undying love and support for their son.

The couple also have two other children: Jack and Nicholas.

Role Of Parents In Steve’s Life

When analyzing how Steve has reached the point of collegiate success, it all starts with his parents, Janos and Stefanie.

In a candid interview, Janos revealed that Steve has always been extra aware of his environment.

“Being a third child, Steve had this extrasensory perception of what was going on around him.”

Moreover, Janos also added that Steve is level-headed and doesn’t define his life by his sporting success or failure.

“Part of this is Steve being the youngest and looking up to his brothers and seeing them doing their sports and succeeding. He figured out the outcomes in sports and that things aren’t personal.”

As a QB, a highly scrutinized position in football, Steve learned from a young age to be stern.

Steve's Father, Janos Angeli
Steve’s Father, Janos Angeli (Source: A/Z Corporation)

“He does not take things personally. And He doesn’t over-worry about things he can’t control,” added Steve’s mother, Stefanie, lauding her son’s mental awareness.

All in all, with such mental strength and parents who stand with him through thick and thin, the sky is the limit for the young QB. 

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