Stevo The Madman Wife Emma: Kids And Family

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Stevo The Madman former wife, Emma, has tried to keep herself out of the public limelight. The former couple share three daughters, who are regular in their dad’s videos.

The former couple is speculated to have separated early in 2022 but have never talked about their breakup in detail. The fans speculated about the couple’s breakup as Emma stopped being a regular in Stevo’s videos. 

Stevo The Madman Celebrates Hitting 1 Million Subscribers In Snapchat In December 2022
Stevo The Madman Celebrates Hitting 1 Million Subscribers On Snapchat In December 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The former soccer player of Boreham Wood, Stevo The Madman, whose actual name is Kevin Alexander Stephens, became popular through his Snapchat videos in the early-mid 2010s. 

Last year in December, the internet personality celebrated hitting one million followers on the social media app, making him a household name in the UK. 

Stevo The Madman Wife, Emma

The former soccer player and internet personality Stevo The Madman has broken up with his wife, Emma. A TikTok user shared a video in June talking about the couple’s break up.

The user captioned the post, “The end of Stevo and Emma,” with Stevo giving more context to the video with a white caption reading, “When You Are Building A Present For Your Child With Your Ex.”

At the end of the video, Stevo can be heard calling Emma babe, but the latter retorted, “I am not your babe.”

Stevo The Madman Pictured With His Three Girls And His Former Partner, Emma At Rixos Premium Seagate In December 2022
Stevo The Madman Pictured With His Three Girls And His Former Partner, Emma, At Rixos Premium Seagate In December 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Not all fans of the former couple knew about their breakup, with many left confused in the comment section. But few knew the couple weren’t living together. One of the comments in the video read, “They ain’t been together for ages.”

The fans also seemed curious about how the kids were adjusting to their parent’s separation. The one who shared the video commented that the kids spent time with both parents. 

The rumors about their breakup started swirling in 2022, with gossip websites talking about it. The fans had begun to notice Emma’s absence in Stevo’s video, with some guessing “fame” had gotten to Stevo and Emma had enough of him.  

Emma doesn’t appear on Stevo’s Instagram handle or video. On his Instagram photos, Stevo blurs or puts emojis on Emma’s face.

Stevo The Madman Shares Three Kids With Emma 

Stevo The Madman shares three daughters with his former partner Emma. The internet personality’s three daughters, Leah, Kaci, and Erin, appear frequently in his videos. 

The three girls have a separate Instagram handle with the username @leahandkacianderin. They have accumulated 71.4k followers and usually share the videos they made with their dad and family trips.

Leah, the oldest of the three daughters, was born on June 6, 2005, and Kaci, the middle child, was born on June 7, 2007. The youngest, Erin, was born in 2017 and like her older sisters, was born in June. 

Stevo The Madman Three Daughters (From L To R) Kaci, Erin, And Leah Pictured In 2022
Stevo The Madman Three Daughters (From L To R) Kaci, Erin, And Leah Pictured In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Last month the girls took a family trip to Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. The trip also included Leah’s boyfriend, Remarn, who has become a regular in Stevo’s videos.

Last month Stevo shared an emotional video as he took Kaci to prom. He captioned the post, “This Has Flown Past. It was only yesterday she was six and you lot were watching us on the school runs.”

At the end of the video, after dropping Kaci, Stevo talks a bit to the camera, saying he couldn’t believe that his girl is now all big, a mutual feeling shared by many girl dads as they see their daughters grow older. 

Last month, Stevo participated in his 14th Sports Day, saying he has more left in his tank, and even won the race for his daughter Erin. Overall, though Emma and Stevo might have separated, they share an amicable relationship when it comes to raising their daughters. 

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