Sydney Brown Brother Chase Brown: Siblings Inspiring Each Other

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American professional football player Sydney Brown feels blessed to have a brother who is exactly like him. Aside from being his identical twin brother, Chase Brown loves football like Sydney, and the two grew up watching the NFL games together.

Sydney and Chase played collegiate football for the same college as adults before advancing to the NFL.

Currently, Sydney Brown plays as a football safety for the Philadelphia Eagles. Likewise, Chase has been playing for the Cincinnati Bengals as a running back. 

Canadian Professional Football Player Sydney Brown
Canadian Professional Football Player Sydney Brown (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Sydney Brown found his early sports inspiration right at home with his parents, Darren Isaac and Raechel Brown. Darren is a former CFL player, and Raechel is a former figure skater with a passion for football, soccer, and basketball. 

Sydney and his brother later relocated to Florida, as his mother thought they might not get good training to hone their skills in Canada. Proving her decision right, the Brown brothers played exceptionally well in the collegiate tournaments.

Chase even won the John Cornish Trophy in 2022. Meanwhile, Sydney achieved several honors in his senior season, including First-team All-Big Ten and PFF All-American Third Team.

Consequently, the Eagles drafted Sydney in the third round of the 2023 NFL draft as the 66th overall pick. 

Sydney Brown Brother: They Inspired Each Other

The twin NFL players, Chase and Sydney Brown, were born to their parents, Darren and Raechel, on March 21, 2000, in London, Ontario. In addition to the Brown brothers, their parents had a daughter named Mya Brown before splitting up.

Born to parents with different athletic backgrounds, the brothers learned to love playing sports early.

Their father, Darren, played for a season for the London Beefeaters of the Canadian Junior Football League. Also, he played three seasons in the CFL. 

Sydney brown And His Identical Twin Brother Chase
Sydney Brown And His Identical Twin Brother, Chase (Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

Growing up, the two brothers played almost every game, including martial arts. However, as time passed, they chose football, which is relatively more popular in the United States.

Despite the financial difficulties, their mother helped them shift to the U.S. when they were sixteen. She now remembers leaving her two kids in the strange place was her toughest decision ever.

However, the Brown brothers looked after each other well and thrived together. Aside from going to the same school, Chase and Sydney practiced the game and did workouts together.

Chase had initially joined Western Michigan University but transferred to Illinois soon after. They later played for the same team at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and only separated after being chosen by different teams in the NFL draft.

Following his brother’s college transfer in 2019, Sydney remarked, “This is what we dreamt about as kids. Having him come here has been like having a piece of home here in Illinois.”

They both admit that their style of play is primarily inspired by each other, and they would not have become professional athletes if they did not have each other’s back.

More On His Brother’s Career

Sydney Brown’s brother, Chase, was relatively less gifted than Sydney during his early career. Despite setting the school’s rushing record, he only received a three-star rating from 247 Sports.

He initially played for the Western Michigan Broncos, but later dissatisfied with his own decision, shifted to Illinois to join his brother.

Chase Brown With The Cincinnati Bengals
Chase Brown With The Cincinnati Bengals (Source: Cincinnati Bengals)

Although he did not get many chances to play in the first two seasons, he did his best to impress his coaches.

Consequently, Brown became the team’s trusted running back in the 2021 season. On October 2, 2021, he recorded 257 rushing yards against Charlotte, the fourth-highest single-game rushing yards in Illinois history.

After that, he never turned back. He kept setting new records during college and eventually made it to the NFL after the Cincinnati Bengals chose him in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL draft.

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