Talita Rocca Wikipedia And Age: All About Leandro Barbosa Wife

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Talita Rocca Wikipedia: Leandro Barbosa and his wife, Talita Rocca, have shared a joyful journey as a married couple for several years.

Their union has been blessed with two beautiful daughters, adding an extra layer of happiness to their lives.

Before his marriage, Leandro was previously wed to the talented Brazilian actress Samara Felippo.

Leandro Barbosa And His Wife Talita Rocca Celebrates Valentine's Day
Leandro Barbosa And His Wife Talita Rocca Celebrates Valentine’s Day (Source: Instagram)

Leandro Barbosa, the illustrious Brazilian former professional basketball player, has seamlessly transitioned into a new chapter of his career as an assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings in the NBA.

Beyond his coaching role, Barbosa proudly represented the senior Brazilian national basketball team.

In the annals of his playing career, Barbosa achieved remarkable milestones, including winning the prestigious NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award with the Phoenix Suns in 2007.

Likewise, he contributed to the Golden State Warriors’ NBA championship victory in 2015.

On September 14, 2020, Leandro Barbosa made a significant announcement that marked the end of his illustrious playing career, choosing to retire from professional basketball.

Talita Rocca Wikipedia: Age

Meet Talita Rocca, the captivating wife of former NBA star Leandro Barbosa, whose vibrant life as a model and Instagram sensation has captured the attention of fans worldwide.

With a magnetic presence both behind the scenes and in the finished products of her modeling shoots, Talita has become a notable figure in the fashion world.

Talita Rocca is proudly represented by Closer Models Brazil and Ford Models in the United States, showcasing her versatility and global appeal.

Her Instagram profile, boasting over 100,000 followers, is a visual diary of her modeling adventures, featuring a stunning array of urban backdrops in New York and Brazil.

Originating from the vibrant streets of Brazil, Talita brings a unique flair to her modeling endeavors.

Leandro Barbosa's Wife Talita Rocca
Leandro Barbosa’s Wife Talita Rocca (Source: Instagram)

Beyond the glamour of the fashion world, Talita remains true to her roots, proudly representing her Brazilian heritage.

Raised in the rich cultural tapestry of Brazil, she infuses her work with a touch of authenticity that resonates with fans worldwide.

She is 34 years old, born on November 10, 1989.

Talita embarked on her Instagram journey in May 2012, steadily building a dedicated following that eagerly anticipates each new post.

Talita Rocca’s Journey from the Brazilian Runway to Matrimony with NBA Champion

At 34, Talita Rocca began a new chapter, tying the knot with Leandro Barbosa.

Their love story reached a pivotal moment in 2019 when they exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony in Brazil.

The presence of their two adorable daughters has further enriched Talita and Leandro’s union.

Building a Beautiful Legacy: Rocca and Barbosa's Joyful Journey with Their Two Precious Blessings
Building a Beautiful Legacy: Rocca and Barbosa’s Joyful Journey with Their Two Precious Blessings (Source: Instagram)

However, their journey to parenthood was not without challenges.

During Talita’s pregnancy with their first daughter, Isabela, the couple faced a daunting situation when Rocca fell ill with Covid-19.

Despite the uncertainties and concerns, Talita gave birth to Isabela while battling the effects of the virus.

Leandro Barbosa shared the emotional experience with Marc Stein via The New York Times, recounting the difficult moment.

“I didn’t know what to do,” he confessed.

“All I did is just talk on the phone: ‘Listen, you’re going to have to do it by yourself.’ I told my wife, ‘Think on the baby, not on me.'”

Fortunately, Isabela was born fully healthy, miraculously unaffected by the challenges her mother faced.

“The baby didn’t have the virus, and thank you, God,” Barbosa expressed his gratitude for the favorable outcome.

In the present day, the Barbosa-Rocca family resides happily in Sacramento, California.

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