Tate Rodemaker Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Florida State QB?

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Tate Rodemaker Wikipedia: Tate Rodemaker, a rising football talent hailing from Valdosta, Georgia, has made a significant impact on the field, proving himself a leader capable of steering his team to victory.

Currently affiliated with Florida State University, Rodemaker’s journey to collegiate football stardom began as a three-star recruit, earning him the No. 652 spot overall in the 2020 class.

Beyond his prowess on the gridiron, Rodemaker has a lesser-known passion for animals.

Despite not holding the spotlight, he is a proud pet owner, showing his affection for a dog and a cat.

Tate Rodemaker About To Throw A Ball
Tate Rodemaker About To Throw A Ball (Source: Facebook)

What sets him apart is his commitment to the adoption culture; he didn’t purchase his pets but instead gave a loving home to two animals from the local animal shelter.

In a surprising turn of events, Rodemaker initially committed to South Florida but later made a switch to Florida State, becoming the third high school quarterback in as many years to sign with the Seminoles.

His dynamic skills and commitment to both his team and his furry friends make Tate Rodemaker a distinctive and noteworthy figure in the world of college football.

Tate Rodemaker Wikipedia And Age


Rodemaker went to Valdosta High School where he was the starting quarterback. Interestingly, his father was his coach when he played for his high school team. 

In high school, he totaled 6,811 throwing yards and 74 touchdowns, including 3,225 yards and 42 touchdowns in his senior season, when he led the Wildcats to a long playoff run.

Tate Rodemaker Shaking Hands After A Game
Tate Rodemaker Shaking Hands After A Game (Source: Facebook)

Rodemaker earned his first official offer from Valdosta State University last fall, and he has received more than 25 offers since then.

College Selection

In December 2019, Rodemaker received offers from both Florida State Seminoles and Baylor Bears. Before making his final call he had made official visits to various universities.

He had committed to the USF Bulls initially but later made his final decision to commit to the Florida State Seminoles on December 13, 2019.

Career At Florida State University 

Rodemaker has been at Florida State for almost four years but hasn’t played much. He was benched in his final start against Jacksonville State in 2020 in favor of Jordan Travis.

However, as the wheels of karma turn, Rodemaker appears in Travis’s place. On November 25, 2023, he took over for the injured Travis against North Alabama.

He rallied FSU from a 13-0 deficit with 45 unanswered points on the way to a commanding victory.

Tate Rodemaker Parents: Alan And Leah

Tate was born into the household of his parents Alan and Leah who have raised him up to become the person that he is today. 

His dad was his coach during his high school years and Tate says that he is his role model. Tate never required any sort of training outside of his house thanks to his father. 

Tate Rodemaker Along With His Parents And Siblings
Tate Rodemaker Along With His Parents And Siblings (Source: X)

Alan has been tough on him but it has always been for the growth of Tate. His father has given him a lot of pointers regarding the game too. 

In an interview, Tate said, “My father always taught me if I throw a touchdown or an interception don’t get too high or too low, stay even keel.”

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