Taylor Lewan Weight Loss Journey: Diet And Workout Plan

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While Taylor Lewan keeps trending as the co-host of the popular Barstool podcast, “Bussin’ with the Boys,” the story of his weight loss often takes center stage.

Maintaining peak physical condition is a constant challenge for professional athletes. It is especially difficult when they’re transitioning away from the demands of their sport.

This article delves into Taylor Lewan’s weight loss journey, exploring the details of his diet and workout plan.

Taylor Lewan Weighed 315 Pounds During His Tennessee Titans Days
Taylor Lewan Weighed 315 Pounds During His Tennessee Titans Days (Source: Tennessee Titans)

Taylor Curtis Lewan, born on July 22, 1991, emerged as a sports prodigy in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He excelled in football, basketball, and baseball during his high school years at Chaparral High School.

Meanwhile, Lewan’s early achievements include being the 2009 Arizona Offensive Player of the Year.

His success continued at the University of Michigan, where he earned first-team All-American honors twice.

The Tennessee Titans selected Lewan in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Likewise, he earned three consecutive Pro Bowl selections from 2016 to 2018.

However, post-season injuries in two of the previous three seasons led to the Titans releasing Lewan in 2022.

In the meantime, Lewan is venturing into the podcast world with “Bussin With the Boys.”

Taylor Lewan Had A Significant Weight Loss

Taylor Lewan, the formidable American football offensive tackle, has embarked on an unexpected transformation journey after parting ways with the Tennessee Titans.

His remarkable weight loss has also sparked curiosity about his diet and workout routine.

The former Titans left tackle was accustomed to a weight of 315 pounds during his time in the NFL. He shed a staggering 58 pounds after his departure.

Lewan shared this revelation on an episode of “Bussin With the Boys” in July, creating a buzz among fans. It also sparked questions about his potential return to the field.

Taylor Lewan Co-Hosts Bussin With The Boys Podcast
Taylor Lewan Co-Hosts Bussin With The Boys Podcast (Source: Instagram)

Despite concerns and skepticism, Lewan took the weight loss in stride, even humorously suggesting a comeback as a tight end.

Lewan addressed the concerns in an interview on “Up & Adams with Kay Adams” in September 2023. He further shared his journey toward regaining playing shape.

Acknowledging the emotional transition, he mentioned that it took longer than expected to distance himself from the sport mentally.

However, he expressed confidence in a three-month timeframe to return to peak physical condition, playfully attributing the process to “Three months of Burgers & Beers.”

What Is In The Diet Of Taylor Lewan?

One pivotal aspect of Taylor Lewan‘s weight loss journey is his dietary choices. It is closely tied to a disciplined and nutritious diet.

Known for his commitment to organic and healthy eating, Lewan emphasizes a diet rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, and essential nutrients.

His daily meals include coffee, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal with fruit, and almonds for breakfast.

Similarly, he eats grilled chicken or fish salad, brown rice and vegetables for lunch, and quinoa-roasted vegetable-grilled salmon for dinner.

Snacking on fruits, veggies, almonds, and yogurt throughout the day, Lewan consciously avoids processed foods, fizzy drinks, and harmful fats.

Taylor Lewan Workout Regimen

In terms of his workout regimen, Lewan revealed that he engaged in three-hour workouts divided into three phases.

The first phase focused on movement, incorporating dynamic stretches to prepare his joints and muscles for the rigorous session.

Taylor Lewan With His Wife And Kids
Taylor Lewan With His Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, the second phase involved running and lifting, with daily weight variations.

When asked about drills beneficial for his position, Lewan highlighted the significance of drills related to corners.

Moreover, he emphasized the need for nimble feet, hand strength, and resilience against being knocked back.

Additionally, he recommended ladder drills for offensive linemen to enhance foot movement, athleticism, and overall agility.

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