Teddy Long Girlfriend: Is He Dating Nia Jax?

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The exact nature of the relationship between professional wrestler Nia Jax and retired professional wrestling referee Teddy Long is uncertain.

Former SmackDown manager Teddy Long discussed the return of Nia Jax and also hilariously revealed his flirting nature while speaking on a podcast.

Long called her a sweetheart and said he loved her for being strong enough to protect herself.

Teddy Long In His Young Age
Teddy Long In His Young Age (Source: WWE)

Theodore Robert Rufus Long, born September 15, 1947, is an American former professional wrestling referee.

Moreover, he is a manager and authority figure best known for his NWA, WCW, and WWE tenures.

Theodore Long, or Teddy Long, began his career in the National Wrestling Alliance.

As a referee, he made his WWE (then the World Wrestling Federation) debut in 1998.

Teddy transitioned to be an on-screen manager in 2003.

Later, he served as general manager of SmackDown for two tenures, lasting a combined six years, as well as one stint as ECW general manager.

In 2017, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Ron Simmons and John Layfield.

Teddy Long’s Dating Life

In April 2007, Long took on the role of Kristal Marshall’s on-screen boyfriend following a period of backstage flirting.

Seeking an assistant to spend more time with Kristal, he introduced Vickie Guerrero as his new assistant on May 25, 2007, a decision influenced partly by Kristal’s suggestion.

Teddy Long And Kristal Marshall Wedding
Teddy Long And Kristal Marshall Wedding (Source: Wrestlecrap)

On the June 22, 2007, episode of SmackDown, Long proposed to Kristal, who initially ran out of the ring in tears but later agreed to marry him.

Ron Simmons was named the best man for “Theodore Rufus Long” and Kristal’s wedding on the July 27, 2007 episode of SmackDown.

The wedding was scheduled for September 21, 2007, in Long’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Furthermore, the wedding faced constant disruptions and was left incomplete when Teddy suffered a heart attack just as he began to say “I do,” falling into a coma.

The proposed narrative did not come to a satisfying conclusion since Marshall left WWE soon after, citing creative differences.

Teddy Long And Nia Jax

WWE legend Teddy Long mentioned that he is hoping to see his “girlfriend”, Nia Jax, win the Women’s Royal Rumble match on Saturday night.

Many have assumed Teddy Long and Nia Jax are a couple due to how Teddy talked about her on the episode of The Wrestling Time Machine.

Savelina Fanene, Popularly Known By Her Ring Name Nia Jax
Savelina Fanene, Popularly Known By Her Ring Name, Nia Jax (Source: Instagram)

On The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, Teddy Long praised Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

Later, Long jokingly referred to Jax as his girlfriend and predicted that she would win the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

“Rhea Ripley, my god. She’s doing an outstanding job. This woman is outstanding. I don’t really take the time to sit and watch things. I mean, I’ll watch, but then I’ll move on to something else. But she can hook me. I watched her promos, she’s great and she’s also great in the ring and she has what it takes. To get back to my girlfriend Nia Jax, I already explained to her, I told Nia that if you don’t get this thing, I’ll kick her to the curb. So Nia’s bringing it home.”

Teddy and Nia have not issued any official declarations confirming their connection, nor has any other source done so.

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