Terry Beasley Wife Marlene Beasley: Married Life & Kids

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Terry Beasley wife, Marlene Beasley, was married to the former football player for 27 years. The couple was closing on their 28th wedding anniversary before Terry unfortunately passed away on January 31.

Marlene and Terry didn’t meet each other in the best situation. Terry was in fact her patient when he arrived at the psychiatric hospital, where she worked as a nurse in 1992.

But soon, their bond got deeper and they decided to become partners for life. The Auburn legend Terry Beasley became a prominent figure in the world of football because of his fight against the NFL. 

The Former 49ers Players' Death Is Being Investigated As A Suicide
The Former 49ers Players’ Death Is Being Investigated As A Suicide (Source: Twitter)

A two-time All-American, Beasley suffered from the effects of several concussions during his playing career. His pairing with Auburn Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Pat Sullivan has been a well-known tale for the football fans. 

The former 49ers player’s death is being investigated as a potential suicide. Beasley was inducted into the College Hall of Fame in 2002, and his jersey no.88 was retired by Auburn along with Sullivan and Bo Jackson

Terry Beasley Wife, Marlene Beasley

Terry Beasley wife, Marlene Beasley, met the former NFL player for the first time in 1992. A psychiatric nurse, Marlene, didn’t want to fall in love with Terry, but soon they began dating. 

In an interview, Marlene said the two clicked right away. Terry had arrived at the psychiatric hospital after suffering multiple concussions, which made his life a living hell. 

During his time at the hospital, Terry underwent two rounds of electroconvulsive therapy, each consisting of 18 treatments. The pain used to be unbearable, and Beasley believed it did more harm than good. 

The two tied the knot in February 1996 on the 50-yard line in Jordan-Hare Stadium. After being falsely diagnosed with a brain tumor, Marlene decided she didn’t want her partner to go through the pain alone, so she became his life companion. 

Terry Beasley Pictured Celebrating His Last Birthday With His Close Ones
Terry Beasley Pictured Celebrating His Last Birthday With His Close Ones (Source: Facebook)

In 2012, along with dozens of other NFL players, Terry and Marlene filed a lawsuit against the league in a Georgia Northern District Court. In 2016, the lawsuit was settled. 

When asked how her husband felt after knowing they had won the case, Marlene said, “He just closed his eyes and laid his head back on the pillow. This has been a long fight, and it has been frustrating.”

During her interview with the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Marlene also hoped that the NFL would be held responsible for the things they did to the young men and said those who controlled the league had no remorse.

At the time, Marlene said the money would help them buy the medicines and get the physical help Terry needs. After tying the knot with Terry, Marlene left her job to care for him. 

Terry Beasley Kids 

Terry Beasley kids previously came out in public to talk about their father’s deteriorating health in 2013. It was his son, Trenton Beasley, who shared a Facebook post, letting people know about his father’s health. 

In 2013, Trenton revealed that his father had been in the ICU at Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham for most of the week. He made a Facebook post, urging everyone to pray for his father’s speedy recovery. 

In the now-deleted Facebook post, Trenton also mentioned that his sister, Terry Beasley Varner, was also by his side, taking their father’s care.

Terry Beasley Kids Have Shared A Few Throwback Picture In Memory Of Their Dad
Terry Beasley Kids Have Shared A Few Throwback Picture In Memory Of Their Dad (Source: Facebook)

A few hours after Terry’s passing, Trenton shared a Facebook post of Terry celebrating his last birthday. Terry’s daughter, Terry Beasley Varner, has also shared a Facebook post in her late father’s memory. 

Terry also shared a group photo of what looks like her with her sisters and their mother. It has been previously mentioned that Terry had three other daughters, Wendy, Jordan, and Tara. 

Tara is also available on Facebook and has previously shared the same group picture on her handle. In 2016, she shared a photo of the former footballer holding his grandson. 

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