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Bo Jackson is the only elite in history to bag the All-Star honor on both fields as a former baseball and football player. Indeed, he is well-known as one of the greatest athletes. He has a staggering net worth of $25 million in 2024. 

Jackson, one of football and basketball history’s most notable talents, got to Twitter on January 6, 2023, to celebrate the news that Hamlin gained consciousness after the cardiac arrest. 

Bo Jackson At The Sidelines On Oct. 22 In John Reed
Bo Jackson At The Sidelines On October 22 In John Reed (Source: USA Today)

Jackson played both sports throughout his career, and besides it, he also appeared in many TV series advertising campaigns. As a result, he is much more than just an athlete. 

This article includes Bo Jackson’s early life, career, net worth, brand endorsements, and lifestyle. So, please stick to the article to the end. 

Before that, let’s go through his quick facts first. 

Quick Facts 

Full Name Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson
Date of Birth November 30, 1962
Birth Place Bessemer, Alabama
Nick Name Bo, Boar, Wild boar
Religion Christianity 
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Age 61 Years Old
Height 6’1″/1.85 m/185 cm
Weight 104 kg/230 lb
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Dark brown
Build Athletic
Father’s Name A.D. Adams
Mother’s Name Florence Bond
Siblings Nine
Education McAdory High School
Auburn University
Marital Status Married
Wife Linda Jackson (m. 1987)
Kids Two sons, Garrett Jackson, and Nicholas Jackson
A daughter, Morgan Jackson
Profession Former baseball player
Former football player
Position  Running back (in NFL)
Outfielder / Designated hitter (in MLB)
Affiliations (NFL) Los Angeles Raiders 
Affiliations (MLB) Kansas City Royals 
Chicago White Sox 
California Angels 
Active Years 1987–1990 (NFL)
1986-1994 (MLB)
Net Worth  $25 Million
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Jersey, Baseball Card, Signed Merch 
Last Update May 2024

Career Earnings & Income

Bo Jackson has an incredible net worth of $25 million in 2024.

Jackson signed a 3-year deal with Kansas City Royals worth $850k, including an average salary of $283k and a signing bonus of $100k. 

As a footballer, Jackson earned $7.4 million every year.

Bo While Playing For The Auburn University
Bo While Playing For The Auburn University (Source: Players Bio)

During his last year with Kansas City Royals, Jackson earned an annual salary of $1 million. Later, he transferred to the Chicago White Sox, earning $1.1 million in the first year and $2.4 million in the second year. 

Jackson played for California Angels in the last year of his baseball career and earned $1 million in salary. 

Overall, Jackson was known to have the highest salary of any non-quarterback player in NFL history.

Net Worth Of Bo Jackson In Different Currencies

Let’s gain his net worth in different currencies used worldwide. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro €22,953,250
Pound Sterling £20,122,875
Australian Dollar A$35,838,450
Canadian Dollar C$33,446,875
Indian Rupee ₹2,026,150,000
BitCoin ฿1,101.55

Brand Endorsements & Sponsors

Besides his career earnings, Bo Jackson earns a tremendous amount from brand endorsement and sponsorship deals.

His one of his largest endorsement deals is with Nike, and they have been on a long-term deal since 1986. 

Nike offered him an annual deal of $100k, and they added $1 million if he played in the NFL. He also gained $4 million extra as a payout from disability insurance after a football injury the same year. 

Nike: “Bo Knows”

Nike hadn’t hit the market as a famous brand in the late 1980s. Thanks to their deal with Michael Jordan and their “Just Do It” advertising campaign, which also featured Bo Jackson. As a result, the popularity of Bo skyrocketed.

Having said this, as Bo stepped into their deal, they also gained the rank of number one. Indeed, Jordan and Jackson helped Nike to earn immense height as a brand.

Later, Nike developed a new ad campaign called “Bo Knows.” The campaign envisioned Bo to take every sport, including tennis, golf, luge, auto racing, and even playing blues music. 

Bo Picture From Bo Knows Ad Campaign
Bo Picture From Bo Knows Ad Campaign (Source: Red Bubble)

The campaign also portrayed the release of the Nike Air Trainer I, a cross-training shoe, the first of its kind. Also, they shot the commercial in California, Florida, and Kansas alongside the cameo appearance of Jordan, McEnroe, and Wayne Gretzky.

The “Bo Knows” campaign was aired after Jackson won the 1989 MLB All-Star. It further helped to secure 80 percent of the cross-training shoe market and earn up to $400 million. 

In 2009, Nike released a set of Nike Dunk shoes to honor Bo Jackson. The set featured the “Bo Knows” Trainer I, Trainer 91, and Medicine Ball Trainer III.

Other Deals 

Apart from Nike, Gatorade is also one of his biggest sponsors, and with this deal, he earns $1 million annually. Jackson also endorses Pepsi, AT&T (combined), and Mountain Dew Sport. 

Altogether, Jackson has been titled the most persuasive athlete in advertising. As for his earnings, he made $2 million annually from the other endorsements.   

Bo Jackson Signature Foods

Alongside his profile as an athlete, Bo Jackson is also a known restauranteur. He founded Bo Jackson Signature Foods and collaborated with Jensen Meat to create “Bo Jackson’s” Bo’s Burgers By Jensen.

Their collaboration presents a burger with a high-caliber product, Southern California-based ground beef.

It portrays juicy steak flavor, available to restaurants, retail, and food service operators through Jensen Meat.

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports

Bo Jackson owns a youth sports training facility in Illinois called Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports. It boasts an area of 88,000 square feet and has 65′ high ceilings.

The facility is renowned as one of the country’s leading indoor sports training centers. Also, it showcases training for sports like baseball/softball, football, soccer, and lacrosse. 

Other Ventures

Bo Jackson is a part of the RDE’s Restaurant Advisory Board. He also operates the Jackson & Partners Restaurant Group.

He handles the critical function areas; Menu LTO Concept Development, Brand Development, Supply Chain Management, Ingredient Sourcing, Consumer Repositioning, and Restaurant-Specific Marketing.

Jackson is also a massive investor in banks. He joined the board team of Burr Ridge Bank and Trust and the First Community Financial Bank. However, he left the board after Busey Bank acquired it. 

Video Games

Bo was first featured in the video game Tecmo Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. As a result, fans started calling him “Tecmo Bo” while also gaining the title of “the greatest athlete in video game history.”

The video game portrays a character of Jackson who loves to make the character run 99 yards for a touchdown.

Later, the same character appeared in a 2016 advertisement for the Kia Sorento. During the ad, the character Jackson rode the car into a virtual stadium.

Bo Jackson In Footballing Action
Bo Jackson In Footballing Action (Source: ESPN)

At the same time, Jackson created his own video game, Bo Jackson’s Hit and Run, showcasing him in football and baseball. They released Bo Jackson Baseball for the NES system and IBM-compatible computers. 

Altogether, Jackson’s character was featured in the 2004 NFL Street 2 and the modern Madden series Madden 15 and Madden 16.

He was also in the Madden NFL 20 as part of the Madden Ultimate Team 10th Anniversary promo.


Bo Jackson is also an actor and television personality. He first appeared in the ProStars, an NBC Saturday morning cartoon show alongside Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. 

Later, he played the character Calvin Farquhar, a sports radio jockey, on the TV show Married With Children. Following it, Jackson appeared in an episode of the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Jackson also played some minor roles in The Chamber, The Pandora Project, Fakin’ Da Funk, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Bo leads an active and lavish life. He shows a healthy life with constant workouts and a managed diet plan.

He regularly does high-intensity workouts to simple workouts to keep his body fit. 

Diet Plan

Bo Jackson has his whole week planned out for his eating habit schedule. He chooses non-fat yogurts, low-fat cottage cheese, whole grain cereals, egg sandwiches, or fruit smoothies throughout the week.

Former Baseball And Football Legend Bo Jackson
Former Baseball And Football Legend Bo Jackson (Source: Sport Illustrated)

His lunch consists of fish, rice, salad, red bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, or sugar snap peas. As for his dinner, Bo mostly has chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, tacos, rice, veggies, or pasta.


Bo Jackson lives in Burr Ridge. He purchased the house in 1991 for $1.08 million after signing with the White Sox.


Bo Jackson has thrown two ceremonial pitches to date; one was for the Chicago White Sox in the 2005 World Series. The other one was before the 2010 Home Run Derby at Angel Stadium.

Bo Bikes Bama
JO Jackson Giving Speech At Bo Bikes Bama (Source: Instagram)

He also made a commencement speech at Auburn University’s graduation ceremony. During it, he encouraged people to step out of their comfort zone. Well, Jackson is also the ambassador for the Chicago White Sox.

Bo Bikes Bama

It is an annual charity bike ride led by two-sport legends and Alabama native Bo Jackson.

This fundraising event raises money for the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund. Additionally, it is done to provide funds for crucial disaster preparedness. 

The event was held after a series of tornadoes devastated Alabama on April 27, 2011. That specific tornado took the lives of many Alabama residents.

Also, the bike tour lasted five days and raised over $1.1 million for the Alabama Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund. He is accompanied by Scottie Pippen, Ken Griffey Jr., Lance Armstrong, and Brett Favre.

Brief Glance On Bo Jackson 

Bo Jackson is an American former professional baseball and football player. He is the only professional athlete named an All-Star in baseball and football. 

The former athlete was known for getting into constant trouble; therefore, he was nicknamed a “wild boar hog.”

Jackson with ESPN
Jackson with ESPN (Source: Instagram)

Bo attended McAdory High School, where he rushed 1,175 yards as the running back as a high school senior. He hit 20 home runs in 25 games for the team, which helped them to become a two-time state champion.

He played as running back for the Los Angeles Raiders, left field, and designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals, the Chicago White Sox, and the California Angels. 

Talking about his relationship, Jackson married Linda, a rehabilitation counselor, and together they have three children; a son, Garrett and Nicholas, and a daughter, Morgan.

Career Highlights

  • Pro Bowl (1990)
  • Heisman Trophy (1985)
  • Walter Camp Award (1985)
  • Sporting News Player of the Year (1985)
  • UPI Player of the Year (1985)
  • 2× Consensus All-American (1983, 1985)
  • 3× First-team All-SEC (1982, 1983, 1985)

Social Media Presence

The former professional baseball and football player is active on several social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

Instagram: 147k followers

Twitter: 290.5k followers


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Bo Bikes Bama (@bobikesbama)

His social media post primarily includes pictures of his family and children. Besides, he also promotes his sponsorship and endorsement deals. 


Bo is the only professional athlete to be named All-Star in baseball and football. 

Bo Jackson Search Graph 2023
Bo Jackson Search Graph 2023 (Source: Google Trend)

The graph shows his search trend for 12 months. 


  • “If I miss anything about the sport, it’s the camaraderie of old teammates.” 
  • “I hate to blow my own, but I gave a lot of people fits.” 
  • “Don’t sell yourself short because, without that, you can’t go far in life because after sports, the only thing you know is sports, and you can’t do anything else with that.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are Bo Jackson's NFL career statistics? Is he in the Hall of Fame?

Bo Jackson has 2,782 rushing yards, 5.4 yards per carrying, and 18 rushing touchdowns as a running back. Back in 1996, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

What are Bo Jackson's MLB career statistics?

As an outfielder, Bo Jackson had 141 runs with 415 runs batted in. Also, his batting average was .250.

What is Bo Jackson's bench press?

Bo has a bench press of 400 pounds.

How much does Bo Jackson's football card cost?

Bo Jackson's football card is valued somewhere between $1 and $30,000.

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