Terry Fontenot Wife Tanya: Married Life And Kids

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Terry Fontenot wife, Tanya Fontenot, is his high school sweetheart. The Fontenot family grew up wearing black and gold, but that was until 2021.

When Terry Fontenot joined the Saints in 2003, he wasn’t even married. He started at the NFL team as their scout and was promoted to director of pro scouting after ten seasons.

Terry Fontenot And His Family Pictured Rocking The Red And Black Colors Of The Falcons
Terry Fontenot And His Family Pictured Rocking The Red And Black Colors Of The Falcons (Source: Facebook)

In 2020, Terry became assistant general manager and vice president of pro-personnel. During this time, Terry and Tanya had become parents to four kids, with their smallest one being born during the pandemic. 

At Falcons, Terry replaced Thomas Dimitroff, who was fired along with coach Dan Quinn. Recently, Terry presented the Falcons’ new head coach, Raheem Morris, with the two vouching that their collaboration will be successful. 

Meet Terry Fontenot Wife, Tanya Fontenot

Terry Fontenot knew he would Tanya Fontenot (née Prudhome), his wife when he saw her for the first time in 1997. The Falcons’ general manager was a sophomore football player at LaGrange High School, and Tanya was in her freshman year and was part of the cheerleading squad.

In an interview, Terry details the first time he talked with Tanya. Terry and his teammates were getting ready to head to a football game. Before boarding the bus, Fontenot’s eyes fell on Tanya, and he immediately started doing extra pushups.

Their next meeting was in Taco Bell, with Terry taking help from his buddies to distract Tanya’s friends so he could spend some time talking with her. In their joint interview, Tanya revealed she wasn’t interested in Terry during their first few meetings.

Terry And Tanya Dated For Several Years Before Tying The Knot
Terry And Tanya Dated For Several Years Before Tying The Knot (Source: Facebook)

But she quickly realized that the football manager was a great guy and believed Terry was husband material. The football couple, Terry and Tanya, grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Previously, the two were featured in an ESPN article after their hometown was hit by one of the worst hurricanes, Hurricane Laura. Tanya’s parents, Mike and Josetta Prudhome, live in Lake Charles and were affected by the aftermath.

Tanya’s family home was destroyed, but it wasn’t until when Tanya and their four kids went to Lake Charles to bury her grandfather that they fully grasped the devastating effect of the hurricane. 

Terry and Tanya planned on helping the community they grew up with. In the 2021 ESPN article 2021, the couple said they were sifting through ideas of what and how they could do so. 

Tanya is available on Facebook and has previously shared a few family photos. 

Terry And Tanya Fontenot Share Four Kids

Terry Fontenot introduced his kids in a video right after he became the Falcons’ general manager. His three older kids appeared in the video, with his wife’s and another child’s voices in the background. 

In the video, Terry admitted it was hard for his kids to leave Louisiana, as the three older kids grew up cheering for the New Orleans Saints. In fact, when Terry took up his job in Louisiana, he wasn’t even married. 

Terry and Tanya’s first child was their daughter, who appears to be interested in cheerleading like her mom. Tanya has shared a few glimpses of her daughter competing in the cheerleading events.

Terry's Three Older Kids With The Latest Addition To The Family In 2020
Terry’s Three Older Kids With The Latest Addition To The Family In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

Terry’s second child, his son Kaiden, seems to be interested in football. In 2022, Kaiden was seen matching suits with his father for the draft night.

The couple’s third child, Landree Marie, was born in 2019, with the family even doing a gender reveal ceremony. The latest addition to the family, a baby girl, was in 2020. Previously, the Atlanta Falcons website had shared several pictures of the Fontenots family’s first visit to Atlanta in 2021.  

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