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The Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula wife is Kim Pegula.

They first met while Kim worked as a waitress in Belfast in 1991 and married two years later in 1993.

However, this was the second time Terry was married. His first wife was Anne Shirley.

The billionaire businessman and petroleum engineer Terry owns several sports franchises.

He also owns the Buffalo Sabres of the National Hockey League (NHL) along with the Bills.

Terry And Kim Pegula
Terry And Kim Pegula (Source: Celebrity Family)

Similarly, he serves as the president of both franchises, solidifying his influence in the sports world.

Pegula’s substantial wealth has been primarily accumulated through strategic investments in fracking, further diversifying his portfolio into sectors such as natural gas development, real estate, entertainment, and professional sports.

His impressive net worth exceeds $7 billion.

Terry Pegula Wife Kim Pegula

Terry Pegula and Kim Pegula‘s love story began in 1991 when they first crossed paths.

Kim, born on June 7, 1969, in Seoul, South Korea, has a Japanese heritage.

Unfortunately, she faced early abandonment by her biological parents at the tender age of five, but she was fortunate to find a loving home with Marilyn and Ralph Kerr in Fairport, New York.

Kim’s educational journey led her to Houghton College, where she pursued a degree in communication, successfully graduating in 1991.

Following her studies, she briefly worked as a waitress, where fate brought her and Terry together at a restaurant.

Recognizing Kim’s potential, she was offered a position in Terry’s natural gas company, East Resource, which she graciously accepted.

Their love story eventually led to marriage, and Kim took on significant roles in the world of sports and entertainment, becoming the owner and president of the Buffalo Bills, president of the Buffalo Sabres, and CEO and president of Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

Kim Pegula At A Press Conference
Kim Pegula At A Press Conference (Source: Twitter)

However, in June 2022, Kim suffered a cardiac arrest, a health ordeal that was kept private for over eight months.

Though details about the cardiac arrest were not initially disclosed, it was later revealed on June 28, 2022, that Kim was recovering well from an undisclosed health condition.

While there has been daily progress in Mrs. Pegula’s condition, some challenges, such as aphasia and memory issues, persist. The cardiac arrest occurred while she was asleep, and it was her vigilant husband who noticed her unresponsive state.

Their daughter, Kelly Pegula, who had received CPR training just three months prior, played a crucial role in stabilizing her mother’s condition until the ambulance arrived.

Following the incident, Kim spent two weeks in the hospital. Her recovery journey includes the ongoing struggle to find words and respond, which may lead to a change in her current role within the business.

Terry Pegula First Wife Anne Shirley

Terry Pegula’s first wife, Anne Shirley, is the mother of their two children, Laura Pegula and Michael Pegula.

Anne and Terry had known each other since their youth and had a longstanding friendship before deciding to get married.

Terrys First Wife Anne Pegula
Terrys First Wife Anne Pegula (Source: Instagram)

Their relationship eventually led to the birth of a daughter and a son.

However, as life unfolded, they encountered personal challenges that made it difficult to sustain their marriage, ultimately leading to their divorce.

Terry Pegula Kids

Terry Pegula has five children: Jessica Pegula, Kelly Pegula, Michael Pegula, Matthew Pegula, and Laura Pegula. Of the total five, Laura and Michael are from his first marriage.

Jessica Pegula

His daughter Jessica Pegula has an illustrious tennis career and competes in major tournaments.

In October 2022, at 29 years old, she achieved her career-best ranking at No. 3 in the WTA rankings.

Jessica has also reached the quarterfinals of Grand Slam events on five occasions, including three appearances in the Australian Open quarterfinals.

Terry's Daughter Jessica Pegula
Terry’s Daughter Jessica Pegula (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, she made it to the finals of the French Open tournament. Jessica married Taylor Gahagen in 2021 and is also involved in business, co-founding The Healthy Scratch with one of her siblings in 2016 and launching her own skincare product line called Ready 24 in 2017.

Similarly, Terry’s daughter Kelly is a fashion designer and celebrates her birthday on September 13th.

Michael Pegula

His son, Michael, served as a marine from 1997 to 2002. During his time as a marine, he worked as a gunner, mechanic, and helicopter crew chief.

In high school, Michael played defense on the hockey team and continued to enjoy the sport during his time in the Marines.

Michael Pegula
Michael Pegula (Source: Instagram)

Currently, he works as a personal trainer and hockey coach and co-hosts the Good Morning Korriban Podcast. He resides in Los Angeles, California, and owns Full Strength Fitness, an elite hockey training and private fitness center.

Matthew Pegula

Terry’s other son, Matthew, celebrates his birthday on June 9th and is a passionate fan of the NFL, basketball, hockey, and lacrosse.

He attended the American Heritage School and later pursued his education at Syracuse University, graduating in 2021.

Matthew Pegula
Matthew Pegula (Source: Twitter)

According to his Facebook, he has been in a relationship with Emily Smith since March 12, 2016.

Laura Pegula

Terry Pegula’s daughter, Laura Pegula, resides in Wexford, Pennsylvania. She graduated with a major in geology from the University of Pittsburgh and has a keen interest in hockey.

Her professional focus lies in the field of gas exploration.

Laura represented the Bills at the 2023 NFL annual meeting, marking her first appearance at such an event.

Her father, Terry Pegula, and Ron Raccuia, the company’s COO and Executive Vice President, were also in attendance.


Who Is Terry Pegula Wife?

The Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula wife is Kim Pegula. They first met while Kim worked as a waitress in Belfast in 1991 and married two years later in 1993.

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