The Mourinho Dynasty To Come To An End?

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March 18, Tottenham:

Jose Mourinho, also known as “The Special One,” is one of the most successful and highly respected managers in the world.

There is no denying that he has achieved a lot of success which most of the manager’s dream of doing.

However, with success comes struggle and hard work, which is true in the case of Jose.

Who is Jose Mourinho?

Born in the beautiful city of Setubal, Portugal, Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful managers of all time. His father (Felix Mourinho) was a professional footballer, while his mother worked as a high school teacher.

Felix Mourinho played football professionally and, Jose wanted to follow in his footsteps. His mother, however, had something else planned for him.

Jose gave tryouts in different Portuguese clubs before getting the nod to join the senior team of Belenenses.

Mourinho played for different clubs all around Portugal during his playing career.

He found out that he lacked the physicality as well as creativity to become an outstanding footballer.

His mother enrolled him into a business school, which Jose dropped out the same day. He studied sports science at the Technical University in Lisbon.

Apart from sports science, he even attended different sports-related courses, which the English and Scottish Football Association organized.

Why is Jose Called “The Special One”?

Jose started his professional top-tier managerial career with a short stint at Benfica in 2000. He only managed for nine games and decided to step down from his post because he was sure the new President would take him off the job.

He went on to join the Portuguese giants Porto in 2002. The team was in eighth place when he arrived, but they were in third at the end of the season.

Within the following season, he went on to win the Premier Liga, Taca de Portugal, and the UEFA Super Cup.

However, he couldn’t achieve the exact fit next season. He just won the Premier Liga and UEFA Champions League but lost the rest of the competitions.

With the number of successes he achieved in Portugal, he was offered a massive sum of money by Roman Abramovich to join Chelsea FC in 2004.

He signed a three-year contract with Chelsea, and during one of the press interviews, he said he was “The Special One.”, which led the press to start calling him with that title.

Jose Mourinho’s Ever-Living Managerial Career

Jose has won everything, which most managers dream of achieving. He has won a trophy in every club he has managed so far, with some exceptions.

Jose Mourinho in Chelsea
During a press conference ahead of the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and AFC Bournemouth at Chelsea Training Ground on December 4, 2015, in Cobham, England.

He has a total of 22 domestic titles in Portugal, England, and Spain. While simultaneously winning 4 European competitions.

He has won 43 individual managerial awards, not just with teams, which many managers wish they had.

What’s Happening With Jose at Tottenham?

Jose Mourinho is currently in his 4th spell in the Premier League. He joined Tottenham on the 20th of November in 2019.

Jose Mourinho Tottenham Manager
Jose Mourinho Appointed as Tottenham Manager. (Source: Tottenham Hotspur)

There have been countless rumors about Jose and the team players not seeing eye-to-eye with his tactics. The likes of Dele Alli and Danny Rose and other prominent players are not satisfied with Jose’s treatment.

Tottenham hasn’t won any silverware for 13 years, which will likely continue for some more years.

Even though Jose was brought in the team to help them win something, with the way the team is currently, it’s improbable that Jose will remain the manager to help Tottenham win trophies.

The team is currently at 8th in the Premier League table with 45 points. They have won just 13 games in the league and have scored a measly 47 goals, which is considerably low for a team of Tottenham’s standard.

The team is facing severe injuries to the likes of Heung-Min-Son and Serge Aurier.

Son and Kane have proved to be one of the deadliest duos in the league, having combined to score 13 goals, which equals the record set by Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton for 25 years.

The Derby Loss That Will Haunt Tottenham

The recent London Derby that happened between Arsenal and Tottenham proved to be one of the most exciting and intense matches in a long time.

Tottenham was leading the game with a disrespectful but beautiful Rabona goal by Erik Lamela.

There was a severe lack of intensity among the Tottenham players.

According to Jose, “They were poor at defending; there was no creativity in the game.   Some of the players were ‘hiding’ in the game.”

Arsenal started the game without their captain Aubameyang, who was taken off the team by Mikael Arteta for disciplinary reasons.

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Martin Odegard, currently on loan from Real Madrid, tied the game right before the first half.

Odegaard scored his first Premier League goal for Arsenal in a game that is one of the league’s legendary games.

With the game tied 1-1, the hosts (Arsenal) were in form, and they started that way right off the bat in the second half.

The hosts received a penalty in the 64th minute after Sanchez fouled Alexandre Lacazzete in the penalty box.

Although Jose Mourinho believed that the penalty was “an offense to penalties”, the VAR and the match official Micheal Oliver deemed it a spot-kick for Arsenal.

Alexandre Lacazette, who replaced Aubameyang, took the spot-kick and got Arsenal their lead in the game. Arsenal took the lead by hosts 2-1; Tottenham was looking for their equalizer.

Alas, they couldn’t find the equalizer on time. Erik Lamela received a red card in the 76th minute.

Being down to 10 men, they couldn’t entirely focus on scoring but had to divert their attention towards defending from Arsenal, who were on fire.

No manager wants to lose a derby match. With this loss, Arsenal is looking more and more rejuvenated than Tottenham and is just 4 points behind them.

Can Jose Mourinho Bounce Back After The Loss?

Tottenham will be traveling to Croatia to face Dynamo Zagreb in the 2nd leg tie of their Europa League match.

Jose is sure to bring some changes to the lineup and the team to finalize their position in the quarter-finals of the European competition. They are currently leading by 2-0.

There is hope for the London side as they got the news that their midfield sensation, Giovani Lo Celso, will be back in the squad for the European tie.

Jose seems pleased with how Lo Celso performed during three training sessions with the team and looks to give him optimum time in their match against Dynamo Zagreb.

However, the other main thing that concerns Jose will be the unavailability of Heung-Min-Son.

Although Tottenham leads via 2-0 lead, they still will face a team that scared them during the first leg. Jose will not be satisfied with a loss and will look forward to winning the game.

Tottenham Are Out

Heading to Croatia with a 2-0 lead against Dynamo Zagreb, it was expected of Tottenham to come out with a win.

Oh, how wrong we were. The game finished 3-0 to the home side after extra time.

The first half of the game was a little bit slow in regards to Jose’s style of play but the game turned right back on in the second half.

Mislav Orsic of Zagreb was the first person to score in the game, which gave the home side a little bit of hope of getting back into the game. With the momentum on their side, they pushed harder and harder to score again.

The home side tied the match in the 82nd minute, with a wonderful goal by Mislav Orsic, who scored the first goal as well.

The game ended 2-2 and was headed for extra time. In the 106th minute of the game, Orsic completed his hattrick and gave the home side the much-deserved lead.


Dynamo then defended for their lives while Tottenham looked to equalize the game and take it to the penalties.

Alas, it couldn’t happen and they were beaten 3-2 on aggregate by the better side.

This is one of the most shocking losses in Jose’s managerial history and as a result, his side is out of the competition.



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