Thelma Krause Age & Net Worth: How Old Is Jerry Krause Ex-Wife?

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Thelma Krause Age: Thelma, the widow of the late Jerry Krause, has gracefully embraced a singular journey since her husband’s passing at the age of 77.

Jerry, leaving behind the illustrious legacy of the Chicago Bulls, is survived by Thelma and their children.

Presently, Thelma navigates life alongside her children, cherishing both the memories of her late husband and the possessions he left behind.

Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause
Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause (Source:

Jerry Krause, one of the most disputed figures in basketball, is regarded as the engineer of the ’90s Bulls dynasty.

Along with many controversies, he also helped build a strong team with the likes of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Passing away in 2017, he remains one of the famous names in the NBA executive circles.

Thelma Krause Age

Thelma Krause is 80 years of age. Additionally, her full date of birth is 20 January 1944.

It goes without saying that as such an experienced head, Thelma has seen a lot in the world of sports and corporations.

Furthermore, she witnessed firsthand all the crazy disputations and controversies that defined the ’90s Bulls.

Staying hand in hand with Jerry through the Bulls’ success until he took his last breath in 2017, Thelma was undoubtedly a loyal partner to the ex-GM.

Even in her old age, she attends different basketball events for Jerry to receive recognition and awards in his name.

Her Net Worth And More

Since information about Thelma’s professional career is scarce, we can only predict her net worth through her late husband.

As the GM of the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s, Krause was a significant figure in the organization. He had an estimated net worth of $5 million before passing away in 2017.

Helping the Bulls to 6 NBA Titles, Jerry Krause had an unparalleled resume in sports.

He was also a sports scout, working with teams like the Yankees and White Sox.

Thelma Krause
Thelma Krause (Source: Chicago Tribune)

His keen eye for identifying young talent and his diplomatic and managerial skills helped him become one of the most successful general managers in sporting history.

On the other, Thelma is a psychologist in her own right. Graduating from Bronx Community College in 1964, she was an ace student.

Unfortunately, information about her ventures in the corporate field is limited. However, we can guess she was involved with psychology for most of her career.

From Jerry’s net worth and her ventures in psychology, we can estimate Thelma’s total net worth to be around $5 million to $6 million.

Booing Incident in 2024

In an unfortunate incident, Thelma Krause faced boos from the Bulls crowd while receiving the “Ring of Honor” award for her husband.

Thelma was affected emotionally by the crowd’s act and appeared visibly upset.

Thelma Krause Recent Booing Incident
Thelma Krause Recent Booing Incident (Source: X)

However, on a positive note, she got messages of support regarding the incident from NBA legends like Steve Kerr.

Labeling the crowd insensitive, he called for fans to respect Jerry’s efforts in building the Bulls dynasty.

“It’s shameful. Absolutely shameful. I’m devastated for Thelma and the Krause family. Whether people liked Him or not, Jerry did an amazing job building that team.”

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