Who Is Ashley Walcott? Theo Walcott Brother- Sister Hollie Walcott

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Theo Walcott’s brother, Ashley Walcott, is the assistant kitchen manager at Little Fish. Theo also has a bodybuilder sister, Hollie Walcott. 

In soccer, every year, there is an influx of wonderful kids. Media and fans are quick to hype the players, but only a few reach the same level of success as Mbappe and Haaland.

The England international, Theo Walcott, was supposed to be one of them. He debuted on the world stage at 17 and caught the attention after signing for Arsenal in 2006. 

Theo Walcott Pictured Earlier This Year In January During A FA Cup Game
Theo Walcott Pictured Earlier This Year In January During A FA Cup Game (Source: Instagram)

But as he left Arsenal after 12 seasons, making 270 appearances, his time was considered a failure. Injuries derailed him, but the forward has always assured the fans he never regrets anything about his career. 

After four seasons with Everton, in 2020, he joined Southampton on loan, made permanent in 2021. He has managed 25 appearances since then, scoring twice. 

Theo Walcott Brother Ashley Walcott Is A Chef 

Theo Walcott’s older brother, Ashley Walcott, is a sous chef with a decade of experience. 

The two brother’s career paths couldn’t be more different. Ashley graduated from The Downs School in 2005 and got vocational training in professional cookery. 

One of Ashley’s first works as a chef began at St. Mary’s School. At St. Mary’s, Ashley worked as an assistant chef for six months before becoming head chef at The Unicorn Inn. 

After a few more years of experience, the older brother of Theo Walcott then joined Butcombe Brewing Co as a senior sous chef in 2018. He was later promoted to Head Chef. 

Ashley Walcott Shows Off His Finisher's Medal After Completing London Marathon In April 2023
Ashley Walcott Shows Off His Finisher’s Medal After Completing London Marathon In April 2023 (Source: Facebook)

Despite the promotion, Ashley moved on to become a training consultant for a few months before joining the restaurant, The Brewers Arms as a head chef in 2019. 

But Ashley, once again in 2019, found himself in the kitchen of Butcombe before he returned to The Kings Arms in 2020. He joined his latest job at Little Fish in June 2022. 

Despite not becoming an athlete like his brother, Ashley has an interest in sports. In fact, on April 23, he ran the London marathon last month. 

He shared the photo of him posing with the finisher’s medal on his Facebook handle

Sister, Hollie Walcott, Is A Bodybuilder

Theo Walcott’s sister, Hollie Walcott, has starred in several bodybuilding shows throughout the years. 

The athletic genes indeed run in the Walcott family. A mum to four kids, in 2010, Hollie had qualified for the British Championships and had come second in the British Natural Bodybuilding Championship. 

Hollie Walcott Pouts For The Camera As She Uploads The Picture On Her Facebook
Hollie Walcott Pouts For The Camera As She Uploads The Picture On Her Facebook (Source: Facebook)

During an interview with The Sun, Hollie even joked, saying Theo had asked for her advice on improving his abs. But in recent years, Hollie might have turned her attention towards cross fit. 

She has been listed on the Cross Fit website and, in 2020, was ranked 8351st worldwide. She has previously shared pictures of her traveling to watch Southampton’s game with her kids on her social media handle. 

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