Thomas Ramos Parents: Mother Sylvie Ramos And Father Robert Ramos

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Thomas Ramos’ parents, Sylvie and Robert Ramos raised two kids in Mazamet, France. The Toulouse’s fullback has a long history with the sport.

It started with his grandfather and passed on to his father and uncle, and Thomas has now continued the legacy. Ramos began his rugby career with Toulouse in 2014 and has remained a one-man team. 

Thomas Ramos Pictured In His French Kit Playing In State de France Stadium In August
Thomas Ramos Pictured In His French Kit Playing In State de France Stadium In August (Source: Instagram)

Since 2019, Ramos has also been part of the senior French team, having made 27 appearances. He is also one of the players, alongside clubmate Thibaud Flament, playing in the ongoing Rugby World Cup. 

The French team stunned the favorites New Zealand in the opening fixture, winning with the scoreline 27-13. The host nation didn’t let the pressure get to them, with Ramos kicking 17 points and Damian Penaud and Melvyn Jaminet scoring a try each.

Thomas Ramos Parents, Sylvie, And Robert Ramos 

Thomas Ramos’ parents, Sylvie and Robert Ramos, raised the rugby player in Mazamet, France. His father, Robert Ramos, played a key role in his rugby career. 

Robert Ramos is a former rugby player turned coach. In his heyday, Robert played third row at Mazamet and Aussillon and coached Thomas for ten years. But the love for rugby didn’t begin with Robert.

Thomas’ grandfather, Bernard Raisseguier, is also a former rugby player, and so was his uncle. In an interview, Robert confided he always believed his son would make it big time.

Thomas Ramos' Parents, Robert, And Sylvie, Pictured During An Outing In August 2023
Thomas Ramos’ Parents, Robert And Sylvie, Pictured During An Outing In August 2023 (Source: Instagram)

But after Thomas’ career wasn’t going the way it should have been in Toulouse, Robert admitted his son felt the pressure. But after three rocky seasons at Toulouse, Thomas bounced back and was voted the best player in the 2016 season. 

Since retiring from being a former player, Robert began working as a warehouseman in a painting company. His mother, Sylvie, is an accountant and is available on Instagram with the username @sylvie_ramos.

The mother of the rugby player has chosen to share more scenic photos on her social media handle than of her family. Recently, Sylvie and Robert were seen rooting for their son from the stands in the ongoing Rugby World Cup competition. 

Thomas Ramos Sister, Lea Ramos

Thomas Ramos has a sister named Lea Ramos, and Lea is his only sibling. The rugby player’s sister has previously shared a few photographs with her famous brother on her Instagram handle.

Lea Ramos resides in Bout-Du-Pont-De-Larn, France, with her husband, Quentin. Last month, Lea announced she was going to mother for the first time, sharing the news with an Instagram post. 

Thomas And His Sister, Lea Ramos, Celebrate Their Dad, Robert Ramos' Birthday
Thomas And His Sister, Lea Ramos, Celebrate Their Dad, Robert Ramos’ Birthday (Source: Instagram)

In the photos shared by Lea, she held the sonography picture while hugging her husband, who had his back turned toward the camera. Previously, Lea had shared a snap with her brother and their dad celebrating his birthday in 2021. 

The siblings share a strong bond, and Lea, with her husband and parents, has been attending the Rugby World Cup games.

She shared a family picture of them cheering for Thomas from the stands at State de France, with the player greeting his family members after the game. 

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