Tim McKyer Net Worth 2024: Arrested For Crashing Into Vehicles

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Tim McKyer net worth and earnings trickled down during the early 2000s after he was engaged in a bitter divorce with his former wife. The former NFL player battled for several years for the custody of his two sons. 

McKyer started his NFL career in an exciting fashion. He won back-to-back Super Bowl titles with the 49ers in 1988 and 1989. But he suffered from a bad reputation as a malcontent.

Though he earned that reputation in the earlier stages of his career, it stuck with him until the end. This also became the reason why he had to retire in 1998, as no teams offered him a contract. 

McKyer's Mugshot After He Was Arrested On Monday
McKyer’s Mugshot Released After His Arrest On Monday (Source: Twitter)

Recently, the three-time Super Bowl champion crashed into multiple vehicles in a South Florida parking garage.

The authorities arrested McKyer, 60, early Monday, charging him with five counts of leaving the scene of an accident with property damage exceeding $50, a traffic misdemeanor for leaving the scene, and a traffic citation for failing to report.

Tim McKyer Net Worth 2024

Tim McKyer net worth sits at a six-figure mark less than what you would expect from once the best-paid cornerback in the league. The former NFL player was a journeyman, spending only one season with various teams. 

The 49ers drafted McKyer in 1986. McKyer won two Super Bowls with the side but had battles with the 49ers management. He accused his employers of being racists. 

So, in 1989, when the time came for contract negotiation, McKyer and the 49ers weren’t on the same page. 

He was given a two-year $1.2-million deal, making him one of the top 10 best-paid cornerbacks in the league. But he felt the 49ers should have offered him the deal at the beginning of the negotiations. 

McKyer Pictured Celebrating With His Teammates
McKyer Pictured Celebrating With His Teammates (Source: Twitter)

McKyer was traded to the Dolphins in 1990 but only remained for one season with the team. In his one season with the Dolphins, McKyer made $619,000 with a bonus.

After one season with the Dolphins, Tim signed with the Atlanta Falcons, and his salary demand was less than $800,000. His agent had started the negotiation at $1 million, but the salary kept dropping. 

He finally signed with the Atlanta Falcons, forming a partnership with Deion Sanders. He stayed with the Falcons for two seasons before moving to the Lions in 1993, the Steelers in 1994, the Panthers in 1995, and returned to the Falcons in 1996.

When he returned with the Falcons for a second stint, McKyer had signed a three-year contract. But he only stayed with the side for one season. 

McKyer signed with the Broncos for $275,000 in his final NFL season. With the Broncos, McKyer also won his third Super Bowl title. 

In an interview in 1998, McKyer said he hadn’t received a single offer from any NFL teams despite the shortage of quality cornerbacks in the league. 

The Former NFL Player, Tim McKyer Family 

Tim McKyer didn’t have the best childhood. He grew up in a government housing project in Orlando with seven brothers and two sisters. 

The former NFL star lost his dad when he was only ten. His dad was killed. From a young age, Tim started taking responsibility and working as a garbage man on a loading dock during the summer to support his family.

So, when he broke into the NFL, it was a life-changing moment for Tim and his family. Soon after signing his first professional contract with the 49ers, Tim’s first purchase was a home for his mother, Lillie.

The footballer bought his mom a new Oldsmobile and a four-bedroom house. Tim tied the knot with Fontella McKyer, and the couple had two sons. 

But their relationship didn’t last long, as they separated in 2000. The footballer fought for the primary custody of his sons, and the two were engaged in a bitter divorce battle for several years.

Though McKyer won the primary custody of his sons in 2002, the judge gave most of his money and home to Fontella. It was also announced that his money no longer belonged to him and that it belonged to the state. 

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