Tom Brady to Continue His Reign Via Contract Extension

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Guess it’s another season of Tom Brady‘s game sessions and team-building path. Indeed, we are not yet ready to bid farewell for his reign, and it’s the best news that he ain’t ready to stop his iconic feat. 

Tom Brady extends his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, keeping him in the run to earn $41.075 million in 2021. 

Apparently, the news aroused the same day when Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots, re-signed Cam Newton to a one-year, $14 million deal.

As Brady restructures his contract with Tampa Bay for four years, Brady is now locked with the team for at least two more seasons. Also, it’s not yet the time for Brady to step down from the spotlight. 

What does the contract include?

According to ESPN, the four-year contract with the team voids a one-year extension. Actually, with the signed contract, Tom Brady is set to earn $50 million in two years now. 

Amidst the deal, Bray will have $41.075 million due in 2021 and $8.925 million in 2022. All in all, the deal also includes postseason incentives and three voidable years. 

For his incentive package, Brady is set to make $562,500 for finishing in the top five for passer rating, touchdown passes, passing yards, completion percentage, and yards per attempt.

In simple words, re-signing with Tampa Bay, Brady helped the Buccaneers to save $19.3 million against the cap this year. 

As per the sources, this very deal is set to lower Tom Brady’s base salary to $1.075 million in 2021. However, it will be increasing Brady’s base salary to $8.925 million in 2022.

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What’s alongside the deal?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers has made a strong strategy that can’t be unseen or undeniable. Now, with the contract extension, with NFL hero Tom Brady, they have a franchise tag on wide receiver Chris Godwin. 

Apart from this, the linebacker Lavonte David also had his contract extended for two years. Additionally, with Brady’s contract, the Buccaneers have the freedom to sign in other free agents, including outside linebacker Shaq Barrett.

Apparently, Brady and Barrett have made up their minds to create the team to flourish. Apparently, the Twitter tweet of Brady’s after contract signing includes the agreement from Shaq Barrett.

Thus, can’t it be that Shaq Barrett already wants to be on the team! And we can just swallow up the bombshell Tom Brady dropped with his contract. Indeed, the favorable situation for the Buccaneers.

As an Elite

As a matter of fact, Brady is set to start a new franchise with his team and teammates. Following it, he has been an elite with no introduction needed. 

To date, he has flagged 20 seasons with the Patriots, winning six Super Bowls and three MVP awards along the way. Additionally, he has been leading Buccaneers since 2007. 

During his tenure in the team, he has led them to a Super Bowl victory over the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, with more seasons in hand, he is all set to program many championships ahead. Apparently, he had also stated in his Instagram upload that he’s ready to chase his eighth Super Bowl win.

Former Deal

Prior to signing the contract extension, Brady’s deal was counted $25 million in the cap with a $20 million signing bonus with $10 million deferred for a year.

“When we acquired Tom a year ago, we were extremely excited about the leadership, poise, and winning track record that he would bring to our locker room. Since that time, he has proven himself to be the ultimate competitor and delivered in every way we had imagined, helping us capture the Lombardi Trophy.

He then added, 

“Year after year, Tom proves that he remains one of the elite quarterbacks in this game, and we couldn’t be happier to keep him in Tampa Bay as we continue to pursue our goals together.”
-Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht

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The Dream to Play Till 45

Subsequently, Brady is now 43 years old, and he is not so far from gaining the title to be the oldest quarterback to start an NFL game. Currently, Steve DeBerg holds that very title at the age of 44 years. 

As we all know, it’s always been Brady’s dream to play till 45, and now, with the extension, it seems to come true soon. Indeed, he has shared this, though, ever since he has been playing. 

To date, he hasn’t missed much from his career’s journey except the fact that he was out for 19 games in 2001. Following it, he has missed 8 games after his ACL tore in the 2008 season opener. 

Alongside Brady, I am sure every NFL fans are there to wait for that very day when he makes it till 45. 

Additionally, from his past interviews, even if he hung his boots, he will be keeping himself busy. 

“I certainly hope I can play till 45. If I hung the boots, maybe I’ll be an architect or designer because I love building houses.”
-Tom Brady

Today, the Buccaneers hold Tom Brady’s back while making him the best he can ever be. 

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