Tommy Herr Wife Kim Herr And Her Cheating Allegation With Tito Landrum

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According to the urban legend, Tommy Herr’s wife Kim Herr, cheated on him with fellow baseball player Tito Landrum. However, it is not a proven fact but just a rumor that swirled around in the baseball world.

With multiple media hovering around in the sporting realm, one such rumor is that of the Cardinal’s Hall of Famer, Tom Herr.

Apparently, his wife Kim cheated on him with his fellow teammate of the St. Louis Cardinals, Tito Landrum. Furthermore, it is also reported that the two had a child out of the affair.

Cardinals Hall Of Famer Tom Herr
Cardinals Hall Of Famer Tom Herr (Source: Google)

Thomas Mitchell Herr, aka Tom Herr, is a former baseball player born in 1956. He spent most of his career playing for St. Louis Cardinals (1979-1988).

He also had brief stints with the Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, and San Francisco Giants.

Moreover, the second baseman became the World Series champion in 1982 and was a one-time All-Star (1985).

Herr definitely established himself among the baseball legends, and the sport’s fans still demand his inauguration in the MLB Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, Herr continued his coaching career and led his home team Lancaster Barnstormers to the 2006 Atlantic League Championship. Later, he took the role of bench coach for the Cardinals.

Who is Tommy Herr’s Wife, Kim Herr? 

Tommy Herr is married to his wife, Kim Herr, for a long time. They are the proud parents to two sons, Aaron and Jordan Herr.

Cheating Allegations With Tito Landrum

Tito Landrum is a former Baseball player who also played as an outfielder for the Cardinals for 6 years.

Former MLB Player Tito Landrum
Former MLB Player Tito Landrum (Source: Google)

During that time, a rumor circulated that the 1983 World Series champion had an affair with Tom Herr’s spouse, Kim Herr.

Moreover, the gossip escalated when an allegation of the pair having a child together publicly spread out.

However, none of the allegations have any strong ground. Tom and Kim’s two kids look nothing like Tito Landrum, and neither party has paid any attention to such insinuations. 

Tommy Herr’s Kids

Tom and his better half share two children, and both of them followed their dad’s footsteps by playing Baseball professionally.

Their older son, Aaron, served as a batboy for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1980s during his father’s era. He later joined the Atalanta Braves and played under their minor-league affiliations.

Despite being a first-round draft pick, he played in the Double-A and Triple-A affiliations of major league teams like the Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Cleveland Indians.

Tom Kerr's Sons: Aaron And Jordan Kerr Respectively
Tom Kerr’s Sons: Aaron And Jordan Kerr Respectively (Source: Google)

Furthermore, Tom and Kim’s second son Jordan is also a professional Baseball player. The Chicago Cubs drafted him in the 41st round, and played for the Pittsburgh Panthers.

He played for the Hempfield Black and won the Midget Championship under the coaching of his dad. The outfielder later joined Lancaster Barnstormers just like his older brother.

The two brothers have an age gap of 5 years and credit their dad for much of their success.


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