16 All Perfect Games In MLB History

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16 All Perfect Games in MLB History!! A perfect game is a rare feat achieved by a pitcher in Major League Baseball (MLB), where the pitcher pitches a complete game, and no opposing player reaches base safely.

This means no hits, walks, hit-by-pitches, or errors occur during the game, and the pitcher gets all 27 outs.

16 All Perfect Games In MLB History
Felix Hernandez (Source: Bleacher Report)

Since the founding of the MLB in 1903, there had only been 23 perfect games thrown until recently.

However, Domingo Germán made history on Wednesday, June 29, 2023, at the Coliseum, throwing MLB’s first perfect game since 2012 in the Yankees’ resounding 11-0 victory over the A’s.

In today’s article, we will list the 16 most recent perfect games in MLB history, but first, let’s check the quick view.

Quick View

Pitcher Date Team
Lee Richmond June 12, 1880 Worcester Ruby Legs 
John Montgomery Ward June 17, 1880 Providence Grays 
Cy Young  May 5, 1904 Boston Americans 
Addie Joss October 2, 1908 Cleveland Naps
Charlie Robertson April 30, 1922 Chicago White Sox
Dennis Martinez July 28, 1991 Montreal Expos
Kenny Rogers July 28, 1994 Texas Rangers
David Wells May 17, 1998 New York Yankees
Randy Johnson May 18, 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks
Mark Buehrle July 23, 2009 Chicago White Sox
Dallas Braden May 9, 2010 Oakland Athletics
Roy Halladay May 29, 2010 Philadelphia Phillies
Philip Humber April 21, 2012 Chicago White Sox
Matt Cain June 13, 2012 San Francisco Giants
Félix Hernández  August 15, 2012 Seattle Mariners
Domingo Germán July 29, 2023 New York Yankees

16 All Perfect Games In MLB History

There have been 24 perfect games thrown in Major League Baseball history. Here are the 16 of them.

# Lee Richmond

Lee Richmond, a prominent figure in baseball history, is the first person on our exclusive list of only 16 all-perfect games in MLB history.

On June 12, 1880, Richmond etched his name in the annals of the sport by pitching the very first perfect game in Major League Baseball.

Richmond showcased his exceptional skills during this historic game while representing the Worcester Ruby Legs in a matchup against the Cleveland Blues.

16 All Perfect Games In MLB History
19th Century Baseball Player Richmond Lee (Source: Baseball Hall Of Fame)

His performance left the opposing team completely baffled, as not a single batter managed to reach base throughout the entire game.

Not only did Richmond achieve this incredible milestone, but his contributions to the Worcester Ruby Legs in their inaugural season from 1880 to 1882 are equally noteworthy.

Demonstrating his dedication, he took the mound for an astonishing 74 out of the team’s 85 games, accumulating an impressive total of 590 2/3 innings pitched.

# John Montgomery Ward

In June 1880, John Montgomery Ward, at 20 years and 105 days old, pitched a perfect game for the Providence Grays, striking out all 27 Buffalo Bisons batters he faced.

This achievement followed Lee Richmond’s historic perfect game just five days earlier.

16 All Perfect Games In MLB History
Hall Of Famer John Montgomery Ward (Source: Onward State)

Ward’s remarkable feat showcased his exceptional pitching prowess and made him the youngest pitcher to accomplish a perfect game in MLB history at 20 years, 105 days.

Although an arm injury led him to transition to fielding, Ward’s contributions to the sport continued.

# Cy Young

Hall of Famer Cy Young, a legendary pitcher for the Boston Americans (now the Red Sox), achieved a perfect game against the Philadelphia Athletics in May 1904.

Young’s performance solidified his place among the 16 pitchers in MLB history to accomplish this feat.

16 All Perfect Games In MLB History
MLB Pitcher Cy Young (Source: Baseball Hall Of Fame)

His impact transcended time, as 88 years after his final game and 44 years after his passing, The Sporting News editors ranked him 14th on their list of “Baseball’s 100 Greatest Players.”

This recognition attests to Young’s enduring legacy and highlights his exceptional skills and contributions to the game, cementing his status as one of baseball’s all-time greats.

# Addie Joss

Hall of Fame pitcher Addie Joss achieved a significant milestone by pitching a perfect game, the second in American League history and the fourth in MLB history.

The pressure surrounding Joss’s perfect game was heightened as his team, the Cleveland Naps, was in a fierce pennant race with the White Sox and Tigers, with only four games remaining in the season.

16 All Perfect Games In MLB History
Former Cleveland Indians Pitcher Andie Joss (Source: Pinterest)

Joss’s remarkable performance under these high-stakes circumstances magnified the significance of his achievement.

In recognition of his outstanding career, Joss was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1978 by the respected Veterans Committee.

# Charlie Robertson

Charlie Robertson, a rookie pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, made an unforgettable mark in baseball history on April 30, 1922.

In just his fifth career start at 26, he pitched a perfect game against the Detroit Tigers.

Remarkably, Robertson had the fewest victories of any pitcher to achieve this feat until Dallas Braden came along.

16 All Perfect Games In MLB History
MLB Player Charlie Robertson (Source: Find A Grave)

With a career record of 49-80, Robertson holds the lowest winning percentage (.380) among all perfect-game pitchers.

Despite his overall statistics, his flawless performance, retiring all 27 batters he faced, solidified his place as the second pitcher in American League history to pitch a perfect game, leaving an enduring legacy.

# Dennis Martinez

Dennis Martinez, known as “El Presidente,” secured his place in baseball history on July 28, 1991.

Representing the Montreal Expos against the Los Angeles Dodgers, he achieved an impressive milestone by pitching a perfect game.

Martinez’s impeccable performance included striking out five batters and not allowing any hits, walks, hit-by-pitches, or errors.

Dennis Martinez, Baseball Player
Dennis Martinez, Baseball Player (Source: Pinterest)

Retiring all 27 batters faced, he became the first Latin American pitcher to throw a perfect game in Major League Baseball.

Martinez’s accomplishment symbolizes his exceptional skill and serves as a testament to the contributions of Latin American players to the sport, marking his legacy as a trailblazer on the mound.

# Kenny Rogers

On July 28, 1994, Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers pitched the 14th perfect game in MLB history, shutting down the California Angels with a 4-0 victory at The Ballpark at Arlington.

Rogers struck out eight batters and overcame three-ball counts against seven hitters, completing his masterpiece in 98 pitches.

This remarkable achievement marked the most recent no-hitter in Rangers history as of 2022.

2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot Kenny Rogers
2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot Kenny Rogers (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Rogers became the third left-handed pitcher to achieve a perfect game, joining the ranks of Sandy Koufax in 1965 and Tom Browning in 1988.

The significance of this date is highlighted by Dennis Martínez’s perfect game occurring on the same day three years earlier, solidifying Rogers’ place in baseball lore.

# David Wells

On May 17, 1998, David Wells of the New York Yankees etched his name in team history by pitching a perfect game, marking the 15th such achievement in MLB history.

Wells showcased his mastery by retiring all 27 batters he faced in a game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium in front of a crowd of 49,820 spectators in The Bronx.

New York Yankees Pitcher David Wells
New York Yankees Pitcher David Wells (Source: Engage)

This exceptional performance solidified Wells’ place among the elite pitchers of the season.

He finished third in the race for the AL Cy Young Award and earned the ALCS MVP title on his way to winning a World Series ring.

Wells’ perfect game stands as a defining moment in his career, highlighting his remarkable skill and contributing to the legacy of perfection in the Yankees’ storied franchise.

# Randy Johnson

In a remarkable display of skill, 40-year-old Randy Johnson defied expectations by pitching a perfect game against the Atlanta Braves on May 18, 2004.

Surpassing Cy Young’s achievement at 37, Johnson became the oldest pitcher in MLB history to accomplish this feat.

One Of The Finest Pitcher, Randy Johnson
One Of The Finest Pitcher, Randy Johnson (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Standing at an impressive height of 6’10”, he also claimed the distinction of being the tallest pitcher to achieve a perfect game, surpassing Mike Witt.

Johnson’s remarkable performance showcased his enduring talent and competitive spirit, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and cementing his place among baseball’s greatest pitchers.

# Mark Buehrle

On July 23, 2009, Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays, joining an exclusive group of 18 pitchers in MLB history.

Buehrle retired all 27 batters in order, not allowing a single baserunner.

With precise control, he threw 76 of his 116 pitches for strikes, resulting in six strikeouts and a combination of groundouts and flyouts.

MLB Player Mark Buehrle
MLB Player Mark Buehrle (Source: Baseball Wiki-Fan)

This marked the second perfect game in White Sox history, following Charlie Robertson’s achievement in 1922.

Additionally, Buehrle’s career included another notable accomplishment—a no-hitter in 2007—making him one of 21 pitchers with multiple no-hitters.

# Dallas Braden

Dallas Braden, former MLB pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, achieved a perfect game on May 9, 2010, against the Tampa Bay Rays, becoming the 19th pitcher in MLB history to do so.

This game held significance as it was the first perfect game in Athletics’ franchise history since 1968, and it occurred on Mother’s Day.

MLB Pitcher Dallas Braden
MLB Pitcher Dallas Braden (Source: USA Today)

Braden, who lost his mother to cancer, emotionally credited his grandmother for his success.

# Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay, an exceptional MLB pitcher, accomplished the extraordinary feat of throwing two perfect games.

The first occurred on May 29, 2010, against the Florida Marlins. During this, he retired all 27 batters faced without allowing any hits, walks, or errors.

His second perfect game came on October 6, 2010, during the National League Division Series against the Cincinnati Reds.

MLB Player Roy Halladay
MLB Player Roy Halladay (Source: The New York Times)

Halladay became the second pitcher in MLB history to throw a perfect game in the postseason.

Additionally, he added a no-hitter with only one walk in the same postseason. These remarkable achievements solidify Halladay’s legacy as one of the game’s all-time greats.

# Philip Humber

On April 21, 2012, Philip Humber, a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, achieved a remarkable milestone by throwing a perfect game against the Seattle Mariners in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Humber retired all 27 batters he faced, striking out nine and not allowing a single hit, walk, or error.

MLB Player Philip Humber
MLB Player Philip Humber (Source: MLB Trade Rumours )

This perfect game was one of the rarest achievements in MLB history and the third in White Sox history.

Notably, this game marked Humber’s first-ever complete game, and despite having a modest win-loss record of 16-23 in his career, he secured his place in baseball history with this outstanding accomplishment.

# Matt Cain

On June 13, 2012, Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants threw a perfect game against the Houston Astros, marking the first perfect game in the Giants’ franchise history.

Cain’s dominant performance included 14 strikeouts, and his game score ranks among the highest in MLB history.

MLB Athlete Matt Cain
MLB Athlete Matt Cain (Source: McCovey Chronicles)

Remarkable defensive plays from Melky Cabrera and Gregor Blanco aided the game.

Cain’s achievement solidified his place as an elite pitcher and made the perfect game a memorable milestone for the Giants.

# Félix Hernández 

Félix Hernández, a pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, threw a perfect game on August 15, 2012, against the Tampa Bay Rays, making it the first perfect game in Mariners history.

This accomplishment was part of the remarkable 2012 MLB season, which saw three perfect games.

Former Mariner Ace Félix Hernández 
Former Mariner Ace Félix Hernández (Source: Seattle Times)

Hernández’s dominant performance included a career-high 26 swinging strikes and 12 strikeouts against a strong Rays team.

The achievement earned him the nickname “King Félix” among Mariners’ fans and solidified his legacy as one of the greatest players in Mariners’ history.

# Domingo Germán

Domingo Germán of the New York Yankees pitched a perfect game on June 29, 2023. This made him the first pitcher in nearly 11 years to achieve this feat in Major League Baseball (MLB).

The 30-year-old pitcher did not allow a single runner on base, whether through hits, walks or hit batters, in the Yankees’ 11-0 victory against the Oakland Athletics.

Domingo German Perfect Pitch
Domingo German Perfect Pitch (Source: The New York Times)

Germán’s perfect game was the 24th in MLB history and the first since Félix Hernández accomplished it in 2012.

He sealed the historic victory by retiring the final batter, Esteury Ruiz, on a groundout to third base.


The 16 perfect games in MLB history are extraordinary and iconic baseball moments.

Each represents an exceptional feat, showcasing the pinnacle of individual sports performance.

Achieving a perfect game requires an extraordinary blend of skill, strategy, and even a touch of luck, making it one of the rarest and most elusive accomplishments in all sports.

These games embody the essence of greatness, leaving a lasting legacy in the annals of baseball history.

They are celebrated as some of the most remarkable and cherished achievements in the sport, forever etched in the hearts of fans and revered by players and aficionados alike.

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