Tony Markward Net Worth: How Rich Is Kim Ng Husband?

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Tony Markward, the husband of Kim Ng, is believed to be enjoying a fortune worth millions. 

When Kim Ng’s news of leaving the Miami Marlins surfaced on the internet, fans showed their interest in knowing all about her personal life, including her husband. 

Markward, the owner of Silas Wines, has worn hats of multiple professions before he founded the wine company. Let us explore how rich Ng’s husband is.

Tony Markward At Silas Wines
Tony Markward At Silas Wines (Source: Silas Wines)

Kim Ng is an American executive in Major League Baseball who last served as the general manager of the Marlins. 

Ng graduated from the University of Chicago and used to play college softball.

She then joined the front office of several Major League Baseball teams and was named the General Manager of the Marlins in 2020.

Tony Markward Net Worth

Tony Markward’s net worth is assumed to be in the millions. However, he has not revealed the exact figures to the public yet. 

The husband of an MLB executive is the owner of Silas Wines, a brewery crafted by Tony, along with Alex Clark.

According to Tony’s LinkedIn account, he has owned the company since 2012.

He began his career as a public policy consultant and moved on to become a television editor. 

Later, he joined a food and beverage company. Not only that, he also invested in the coffee business and worked part-time in a restaurant.

Know More About Tony Markward

Tony Markward was inspired to open the wine company by his great-grandfather. He was the one who introduced young Tony to wine.

Tony’s grandfather was a Dubuque grocer who made wine from anything in his garden. Moreover, he made wines from dandelions, concord grapes, and fruit from an unruly and diverse orchard. 

Tony Markward And Alex Clark At Silas Wines
Tony Markward And Alex Clark At Silas Wines (Source: Silas Wines)

Markward co-founded Silas Wines along with Todd and Clark. Furthermore, Todd is a lawyer by profession, and Frank is a software guru. 

Back then, the three friends had gone to Calliope Vineyard to pick some grapes only to buy an altitude micro-farm—3 acres of vines planted in 1985 in the primeval foothills of Mt. Hood.

The company was named Silas, meaning “Man of the Woods”. It was named after the classic Oregon forest that surrounded the vineyard.

What Is Kim Ng Up To Recently?

Recently, the news about Kim Ng has been highlighted in the sports news media.

On 16 October, the Miami Marlins announced Kim would not return as the team’s general manager. Ng has been with the franchise for three seasons. 

Furthermore, Bruce Sherman, the chairman and principal owner of Marlins, thanked Kim for her contributions during her time in the organization.

Kim Ng Posing WIth Silas Wines
Kim Ng Posing With Silas Wines (Source: Silas Wines)

Back in 2020, Kim made history when the Marlins hired her as general manager. She was the first person of East Asian descent to be hired for that role in the MLB. 

Not only that, Kim is also the first woman hired as a general manager to lead a men’s sports team in any North American major league.

In an interview with The Athletics, Ng said that she and Sherman discussed the plans for baseball operations. However, their discussions did not completely align, and Ng felt it best to step away. 

Furthermore, she expressed her sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Marlins family and its fans for her time in South Florida.

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