Tony Vitello Wife: Tennessee Coach Married To The Game

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Is the Tennessee coach in a secret relationship, or does Tony Vitello have a wife? Some speculate that he is married, but to the game. Let’s find out.

Tony Vitello is an American collegiate baseball coach and also a former infielder. He was born on October 9, 1978, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Vitello’s college baseball career spanned from 2001 to 2002 at the University of Missouri. During this time, Tim Jamieson, the head coach at the University.

On June 7, 2017, he was introduced as the next Tennessee head coach.

He has established a reputation as one of the greatest recruiters in the college baseball landscape.

Tony Vitello Wearing His Shirt Outside His Jersey As A Joke
Tony Vitello Wearing His Shirt Outside His Jersey As A Joke (Source: Twitter)

In 2014, he was able to put together 12 signing classes that ranked in the top 15, including the best group of athletes in America.

Vitello has signed and developed nine first-round MLB Draft picks and a handful of players who have gone on to play in Major League Baseball, including Kyle Gibson.

On top of that, the coach is also a travel enthusiast, as per his bio. His Instagram is @tony22vitello which is kept private but has a following of about nine-thousand accounts.

Tony Vitello Wife Is His Job? Estimated Salary?

The question of Tony Vitello not being engaged in any romantic affairs because he is good at keeping secrets or if he just prefers his own company is still a debate. 
But, if there’s anything close to love in the coach’s life, it would be his job. Some would even go a step further to claim that he is married to his job. 
Tony Vitello With A Fan
Tony Vitello With A Fan (Source: Twitter)
The prospect of having a baseball coach as their significant other is an enticing thought for many single ladies.
But if he were to get married and have a wife, will he be able to cater to all her needs with ease? And what about raising children? 
Let’s look at the monetary side of his life and find out how wealthy he is.
In his first signing with Tenesse, he agreed to a five-year contract with an average base salary of $493,000.
Today, he is one of the four SEC coaches who make $1.5 million or more. Furthermore, this amount is more than what one-third of MLB managers today are making.

As of May 2024, the base yearly salary of Vitello is expected to be $1.5 million.

Tony Vitello Suspension Fiasco 

Tennessee had suspended  Vitello in late February this year for the Volunteers’ weekend series with Dayton. while university officials, Vitello, and the NCAA handle a violation in the program.

He was suspended in response to allegations of tampering with the transfer of shortstop Maui Ahuna.

Ahuna transferred to Tennessee from Kansas after an All-Big 12 season. He started his affiliation with Tennessee in June.

It is said that Ahuna’s recruitment was violated by the Vols by approving a flight for a recruiting visit to campus before getting his Kansas transcript.

Tony Vitello Appealing To The Umpire
Tony Vitello Appealing To The Umpire (Source: USAtoday)

Ahuna visited Tennessee in June. As per NCAA bylaw, a transcript must be received before an institution is permitted to provide expense-paid travel for a recruit’s official visit.

But this is nothing new for the coach, as the NCAA handed down a four-game suspension to Vitello last season.

This was after he chest-bumped umpire Jeffrey Macias during a game against Alabama.

By performing a chest bump in exchange for a $2 donation, Vitello and a fraternity helped earn money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

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