Tottenham 1-2 Aston Villa: Aston Villa deserves to win

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Tottenham’s hopes of defending European football have been dashed as Aston Villa comes from behind to claim a Premier League victory in front of 10,000 fans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

As speculation grows about Harry Kane‘s future ahead of the summer transfer window. 

The “You’re One of Us” songs were sung by returning fans, who got greeted by Steven Bergwijn hitting the first game. In the eighth minute after, he became the property of Marvelous Nakamba.

Villa’s response confirmed the equalizer, with Sergio Reguilon passing it on as Spurs defender cut Nakamba’s cross. Into the top corner of Hugo Lloris‘ goal.

Ollie Watkins completed the conversion before half-time, collecting Reguilon’s weak clearance and capturing Eric Dier‘s challenge. Before finding the bottom corner to continue his first good season in the top flight.

Lloris or anyone on the sidelines blocked Watkins. However, Spurs have tested Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez regularly following a fresh start with Bergwijn and Kane. They have failed to find an equalizer.

The Spurs were outraged at the final whistle as fans sat for a long time. And after the full strike dropped to seventh place following West Ham’s victory over West Brom. 

They are level on points with Everton in their final Champions League match against Leicester City on Sunday.

Spurs are deteriorating with Kane’s future.

The game started after reports this week that Harry Kane had a ‘landlord’s agreement to leave the club. And he has asked for an official departure.

With the England captain having a six-year deal to run until 2024, the club said “finishing the season as hard as possible” was the only focus. 

And before interim manager Ryan Mason said speculation about Kane’s future was not a distraction.

However, the Spurs were very poor following Bergwijn’s solid opening and fighting for sixth place. 

Spurs are deteriorating with Kane's future (Source: Premier League)
Spurs are deteriorating with Kane’s future (Source: Premier League)

And Europa League football on the final day. It is unlikely he will do much to convince Kane that he can win the silverware if he stays.

Reguilon endured the first half of forgetting as, without pressure. His attempt to clear sent the ball past Lloris to score the 1000th goal. In Premier League history before handing over Villa’s second ball.

The developers, however, made much progress after the break. They were registering more shots in the first five (four) minutes of the first half. 

However, Bergwijn’s closest effort was very close to getting an important point.

Even the introduction of loan shots by Gareth Bale, his last appearance at home before returning to Real Madrid, did not encourage a return. 

They were the second-best players for most of the game. And a severe injury to Japhet Tanganga, including a painful night.

Spurs, who are currently in the qualifying round for the new Europa Conference League, will have to win a move to Leicester on the final day. 

And are hopeful that Southampton will beat West Ham if they are to qualify for the Europa League.

Whatever the outcome on Sunday. It looks like it will be a summer of significant changes at the club.

“Moreover, it’s a big game for us Sunday, a big game for them Leicester City. We have to pass this on. 

We’ll work tomorrow, no doubt we have to be ready. And we do know about what we have to do,” Tottenham interim manager Mason said.

Tottenham interim manager Mason (Source: Cartilage Free Captain)
Tottenham interim manager Ryan Mason (Source: Cartilage Free Captain)

To Harry Kane, he added: “You mean a lot. You’re a Tottenham player. I answered a lot of questions about Harry Kane 24 hours ago.

And I was determined to talk about the game but not individuals. We were completely independent. And focused on the game and very disappointed.”

The former England captain Alan Shearer said: “Yes, I think that was the last game for Kane’s Spurs home. And I don’t believe any Tottenham fan could hold him against him. He’s been given everything at the club very much.

“For all we know, he may have asked to leave last summer. And they begged him to stay for one year. Others are beating him up. 

“Manchester City will need someone. Manchester United will need someone; Chelsea will need someone.”

The determined Aston Villa deserves to win.

While Villa’s hopes of ending the top-flight game were dashed, there was no evidence. That Dean Smith’s side was looking to end their season as they made a devastating defeat. To opponents who felt they had a lot to play for.

In the small campaign of their 2020-21 campaign, Villa impressed in the first half losing to Crystal Palace. At the weekend, but failed to maintain that level.

However, they got reinforced by the return of Jack Grealish, who had created chances for a big game in his early career. 

The determined Aston Villa deserves to win (Source: 90MIN)
The determined Aston Villa deserves to win (Source: 90MIN)

Since 13 February did not make such a mistake on Wednesday as they changed the situation. They got the victory that they deserved after a short start.

He was having previously filed a lawsuit suspended after being beaten by Lloris. The tireless Watkins has shown what he can offer if he is called up to the Euro 2020 England squad. Next week as he has worked tirelessly for the club with good intentions.

Defensively, the return of defender Tyrone Mings has helped secure a profit. It makes for a critical heavyweight made by Martinez, as Villa has added another success to their Premier League season from 2009/10.

“Furthermore, we have been confirmed 11 now, and that is some kind of progress for the club. We were not consistent with the second half of the season. 

“But our best player missed 13 games. We saw a loyal Jack Grealish today. He looked confident and confident,” Villa manager Smith said.

He added striker Watkins: “He’s the best striker in the league, in my opinion. And he got the goal himself. It was a good game from Ollie, and you’ll see if he could get a few more.”

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