Travis Rudolph Brother Darryl And Parents- Murder Trial Update

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Travis Rudolph’s brother, Darryl Rudolph, is a musical artist with a few tracks released on YouTube. The two brothers also have an older sister, Terrenie Gosier Coleman.

The former Giants’ player, Travis Rudolph, first went viral in 2016, and it was for all the right reasons. He sat with an autistic kid and shared lunch with him when nobody did.

Travis Rudolph(R) Pictured With His Siblings Darryl And Terrenie (R) Along With His Mom Linda
Travis Rudolph(R) Pictured With His Siblings Darryl And Terrenie (R) Along With His Mom Linda (Source: Facebook)

But in 2017, his life changed after his father died in a freak accident. His father’s demise came only a few days before he signed as a free agent for the New York Giants. He played one season with the Giants team that featured Eli Manning.

Since 2021, Travis has been facing a murder trial, which prompts him as the aggressor for the shooting outside his Lake Park home. During the shooting, Travis killed a man named Sebastien Jean-Jacques and currently faces three counts of attempted murder.

Travis Rudolph Brother, Darryl Rudolph Jr

Travis Rudolph’s brother, Daryl Rudolph Jr, is a musical artist, with his last song titled Undefeated, released in 2021.

A man who seems obsessed with horses and a cowboy persona, Darryl previously released a song in 2020 called Chocolate Fever. His Facebook profile states that he studied Agriculture at Palm Beach State College. 

Darryl Rudolph Pictured With A Family Member In 2022
Darryl Rudolph Pictured With A Family Member In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

He was previously said to be interested in his father’s landscaping business. But now, he has been trying to make a name for himself in the music scene. 

The older brother of Travis also seems to draw inspiration from boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr, with his song Undefeated being a tribute to him.

Previously, Travis has shared several pictures of him with his family. He was also seen giving a concert at Palm Beach State College. 

The Undefeated singer hasn’t addressed the ongoing situation about his little brother. There hasn’t been any mention of Travis or the ongoing murder trial.

Travis Rudolph Sister, Terrenie Gosier Coleman

Travis Rudolph’s sister, Terrenie Gosier Coleman, is a real estate agent based in South Florida.

The oldest of the three, Terrenie, has been listed as a realtor for EXP Realty on Realtor and Zillow. She has been working in the field for the last three years and has six listings. Two of them are on sale, and four have been sold. 

Terrenie also makes sure to advertise her work on her Facebook. Previously, Terrenie shared an article talking about justice for Travis. It was written by one of their childhood friends, questioning why Travis?

Travis Rudolph Pictured With His Sister Terrenie Gosier Coleman In 2014 Attending The Palm Beach Hall Of Fame Ceremony
Travis Rudolph Pictured With His Sister Terrenie Gosier Coleman In 2014 Attending The Palm Beach Hall Of Fame Ceremony (Source: Instagram)

As said in the article, Terrenie and Travis shared a tight bond, and his sister had always been the former footballer’s biggest supporter. 

Terrenie hasn’t given much detail about her personal life, but she might be a married woman. While Travis was in jail, Terrenie lost her son in a tragic car accident.

Her son Adrian Moncrieffe Jr passed away in November 2021. The teenager wanted to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and become a football player. 

Travis Rudolph Parents, Darryl, And Linda Rudolph

Travis Rudolph’s parents, Darryl and Linda Rudolph raised three kids in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Travis’s father, Darryl Rudolph, passed away in April 2017, a few days before the 2017 NFL Draft. The father of three was shot and killed while working as a handyman at a strip club.

His father owned a landscaping and maintenance business and was accidentally shot by Paul Senat, who was moving an AK-47-style rifle and discharged it at Sugar Daddy Adult Cabaret.

Travis Rudolph Pictured With His Parents Linda And Darryl In 2013
Travis Rudolph Pictured With His Parents Linda And Darryl In 2013 (Source: Instagram)

After being selected by the New York Giants as a free agent, Travis vowed to make his father proud. His father was a former athlete and played high school football and ran track. 

In an interview with the Bleacher Report, the family talked about how Darryl idolized his son and saw the same passion in him for sports. He would attend all of Travis’ football games and was also close to his grandkids.

His mother, Linda Rudolph, worked as a hospital clerk. Travis was said to be a momma’s boy. Linda is available on Facebook but hasn’t been active on it since Travis’ murder trial began. 

It’s certainly a difficult time for the Rudolph family, who have lost their family members in the past few years.  

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