Trevor Kennison Net Worth 2024: Full Circle Documentary Earnings

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Starting as a plumber to support his dreams, Trevor Kennison has come a long way and increased his net worth significantly today.

He had a career-ending injury, but his resilience got him back into the game.

Trevor Kennison On A Snowboarding Run After His Recovery
Trevor Kennison On A Snowboarding Run After His Recovery (Source: Instagram)

Trevor Kennison was born in Keene, New Hampshire, on July 30, 1992. He was raised in an athletic family and adopted an active lifestyle from a young age.

Growing up, he used to play soccer, baseball, and even competitive swimming. Kennison’s marathon-running parents groomed his athletic personality.

His mother played semi-professional soccer, and his father completed three Ironman races.

Kennison’s snowboarding career began at Loon Mountain, and in 2013, he went to Colorado to pursue his love while working as a plumber.

Notably, Trevor Kennison is a High Fives and Darn Tough Vermont athlete, demonstrating his tenacity and determination.

After his accident, he learned to sit ski and became a well-known personality in adaptive sports.

His favorite quote, “Let’s go, baby!” exemplifies his upbeat demeanor and indomitable spirit in the face of difficulty.

Net Worth Of Trevor Kennison In 2024

Kennison has an estimated net worth between $100k and $500k as of 2024.

He was a plumber in his initial skiing days, which did not pay much. However, as his career in skiing took off, he had some success.

Kennison was winning the tournaments, which had quite an average pay. Fans are expecting his documentary will now be a life-changing event for him.

Trevor Kennison Going To Watch His Movie Full Circle
Trevor Kennison Going To Watch His Movie Full Circle (Source: Instagram)

Although the contract terms between Kennison and the producers are unknown, “Full Circle” had a projected budget of $450,000. However, its box-office result was minimal.

In the United States and Canada, the picture grossed $29,629, with an opening weekend of $1,654 on October 22, 2023.

Initially, the worldwide gross for “Full Circle” was $29,629. While the film’s revenues did not reach blockbuster status, the financial figures shed light on how it was received and the commercial success of the film business.

“Full Circle” is an inspiring documentary sports film that tells the remarkable story of Kennison’s life post-recovery.

He had faced the effects of a broken back, which led to permanent paralysis.

Furthermore, it delves deeply into Kennison’s quest for a fresh start in his recovery from a devastating spinal cord injury.

Additionally, Abramorama distributed the picture, which had a limited distribution and was shown in only two theatres.

How Did Kennison Find Himself In That Accident?  

Trevor Kennison experienced a life-changing accident during a backcountry snowboarding trip at Vail Pass, Colorado, in November 2014.

Excited by the fresh snow, Kennison and his friends built a 10-foot ramp for backcountry jumps.

Kennison, a passionate backcountry snowboarder and terrain park rider, took his turn on the jump.

Unfortunately, he seized an edge during a jump, leading him to twist forward involuntarily and land on his lower back.

The contact produced a loud pop, and Kennison realized he was paralyzed as he lay on the snow.

The tragedy occurred around 4 p.m., and it took three hours for an emergency response and rescue squad to arrive, leaving Kennison with an unknown probability of life in a storm.

Trevor Kennison Having Fun In A Bike Ride
Trevor Kennison Having Fun In A Bike Ride (Source: Instagram)

Fortunately, they managed to rush Kennison, who was 22 years old at the time, to Craig Hospital in Denver.

There, doctors found him with a displaced back, fractures in the T11 and T12 vertebrae, and a ruptured spinal cord.

The diagnosis said that he would most likely never ski again or even be able to walk.

Finally, after six weeks in a Denver hospital, Kennison returned to New Hampshire and began adjusting to life in a wheelchair.

However, Kennison persevered and is progressing in his life, all of which the movie Full Circle documents.

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