Trevor Peek Wikipedia And Age: Where Is He From?

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Trevor Peek is an MMA fighter who will soon get his own Wikipedia page. Nonetheless, we will be discussing the athlete in detail.

Fight lovers will be definitely tuning in to the next Trevor Peek matchup. The fighter has been impressive throughout his career so far.

However, many are not aware of his life as a whole. So, let’s dissect more into that as we’ll see why Peek is a talented fighter to keep an eye on.

UFC Fighter Trevor Peek
UFC Fighter Trevor Peek (Source: UFC)

Trevor Peek is an MMA fighter who fights in the lightweight division in the UFC. He mostly fights in the switch stance and is pretty unorthodox with his style.

Furthermore, Peek started his official amateur journey back in 2013. He fought under the promotion of Strike Hard Productions and won his first-ever match with a knockout finish.

Trevor saw a grueling loss in his second match, on a submission. After some years, he started fighting in the Alabama Fighting Championship. 

Moreover, Peek accumulated a pretty good record in the AFC. In addition, he also fought in the Aries Fight Series and Hardrock MMA.

After a series of wins, Peek went on to fight in Dana White‘s Contender Series, where he won via knockout. This saw him getting a card on UFC fight night.

Peek’s latest fight was in the UFC 294- where he won against Mohammad Yahya, officially announcing his entry on the big stage.

Trevor Peek: More On His Wikipedia. Where Is The Fighter From?

Regarding his age, Trevor Peek was born on January 9, 1995, which would make him 29-year-old. 

Moreover, the fighter is still in his prime years. He has a lot more to give and hopefully, we’ll see him become a bit more busy in the next years.

Trevor At The Weigh Ins
Trevor At The Weigh-Ins (Source: Instagram)

While some say Peek is a late bloomer, it is an exaggeration to some point. He comes from a background where he had to grind his way through.

So, getting in the UFC in his late 20s is a time when a man is mature, both physically and mentally.

Where Is Peek From?

Many fans saw Peek’s latest performance and were concerned. Where does this talented man come from?

So, we’ll be answering this query, Trevor Peek was born in Scottsboro, Alabama. In particular, he is native to Jacksonville County.

Moreover, Peek is a proper southern man from the heartlands and fought his way up. He flourished and gained experience in his native state’s fighting championships.

At present, the lightweight fights out of Chattanooga in Tennessee.

Trevor Peek: Get To Know Him Even Better

We have drawn out Trevor and his career, his journey way up, and what the future holds for the fighter. Now, let’s discuss more on his current resume. 

Since he fights in the lightweight division, Peek holds a weight of around 155 pounds. He is a relatively short dude, standing at 5’9″, and has a reach of 178cm.

Trevor After Winning A Fight
Trevor After Winning A Fight (Source: UFC.RU)

Moreover, Trevor is the type of fighter that likes to go out on his opponents. Looking at his history he has registered most of his wins via knockouts.

The aggressive artist holds a record of 9 wins and 1 loss as of October 2023.

Furthermore, Trevor is associated with Agoge Combatives. It is a center for training in Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai.







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