Treylon Burks Wife Shelby Burks: Inside WR Married Life

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Titans’ wide receiver, Treylon Burks, is happily married to his wife, Shelby Burks. He looks forward to a successful NFL career while building a perfect family.

It is not sure when exactly the two started dating, but reportedly, they have been together since college.

Furthermore, the married couple frequently shares pictures and videos on social media.

Titans Wide Receiver Treylon Burks
Titans Wide Receiver Treylon Burks (Source: Instagram)

Treylon Burks is a 24-year-old football player from Flint, Michigan. He is a wide receiver and plays for the Tennessee Titans in the NFL.

Growing up in Arkansas, Burks attended Warren High School and was a top-rated four-star recruit nationally and in his home state.

Despite tearing his ACL in high school, Burks still joined the University of Arkansas and excelled, earning a spot on the SEC All-Freshman team.

He established himself as the number-one receiver in Arkansas during his sophomore season. Then, he skipped his senior year and declared for the NFL draft.

The Tennessee Titans selected a Wide Receiver as their 18th pick in the draft’s first round. Currently, Burks plays as a rookie for the Titans and shows great signs of success.

Meet Treylon Burks Wife: Shelby Burks

Treylon Burks and his wife, Shelby (Perlman) Burks, are still in their early 20s. The couple doesn’t believe they rushed into marriage and continues to grow stronger every day.

Treylon Burks And Shelby Burks
Treylon Burks And Shelby Burks (Source: Instagram)

Shelby Perlman recently turned 23 years old and celebrated her birthday in July with friends and Treylon.

Talking about her family, Shelby has 3 siblings: Brett, Britney, and Jacob. Additionally, she is a loving aunt to Addison and Gage.

Sadly, her mother, Denise Aileen, died after a fierce battle against Covid-19.

Their Married Life

Shelby is also a nursing student at the University of Arkansas, so it is presumed that the love between Shelby and the WR brewed there.

It seems that Mrs. Burks is quite active on both Instagram and Tiktok. She frequently shares adorable videos with Treylon, showcasing their dynamic way of life.

Treylon And Shelby At Their Wedding
Treylon And Shelby At Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

The newlyweds got engaged in the new year and moved into their new home together in July 2022. They officially tied the knot in July 2023.

Shelby attends her spouse’s matches and supports him in every possible way. Moreover, the couple is living their perfect married life.

 As of now, there is no news on the arrival of a new member of the Burks family.

Treylon Burks Suffers From Asthma

The Titan’s WR suffers from a health condition that would risk the player’s career. Buks is an asthma patient who often uses an inhaler before practices and games.

Burks disclosed that he had lost 5-6 pounds to take better care of his health via Titans’ website.

Despite his condition, Treylon luckily has not been hampered. He even mentioned feeling much healthier and playing well after joining the team.

He stated:

“I feel a lot different, and I feel a lot healthier.” It just makes me feel good that I can come out here and play a role, and be a part of this team.”

Furthermore, Burks passed the Titans’ conditioning test and completely participated in the practices and matches without facing any issues.


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