Troy Merritt And Wife Courtney Are Raising Two Kids

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The American-born professional golfer Troy Merritt has been married to his wife, Courtney, for over a decade. The two-time PGA Tour winner shares two kids with his wife.

Born in Osage, Iowa, Troy attended Spring Lake Park High School as his parents had to move to Minnesota because of their jobs.

He later played collegiate golf tournaments for two Universities, Winona State and Boise State Universities.

Following college, Troy started playing golf at a professional level in 2008. He won nearly $120k at the Mexican Open in 2009, his first big win on the Nationwide Tour.

Troy Meritt During One of His PGA Tours (Source: The Toronto Star)
Troy Merritt During One of His PGA Tours (Source: The Toronto Star)

Troy became the only third golfer to win a medal at the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament, leading every round on December 7, 2009. 

An outgoing and frank person, Troy Merritt likes spending time with his friends and family. Perhaps because he is easygoing, his marriage life is still strong even after twelve years.

Troy Merritt Wife, Courtney Merritt

The professional golfer, Troy, met Courtney Merritt when he transferred to Boise State University from Winona State.

Then known by her name Courtney Achter, she was a member of the college gymnast team.

She was born as the youngest child to her parents, Nancy Kay and Timothy Achter, in Idaho, United States, in 1989. She also has an elder brother named Andrew.

Troy Meritt's Wife, Courtney, With Her First Son, Dodge (Source: Vim Buzz) (Source: Vim Buzz)
Troy Merritt’s Wife, Courtney, With Her First Son, Dodge (Source: Vim Buzz)

After graduating high school, she joined the Bronco State University. Although Troy and Courtney attended different Universities, they stumbled upon each other and fell in love, thanks to the proximity of their colleges.

While on a date to Table Rock, Troy proposed to Courtney for a marriage with a ring, to which she agreed.

After dating for over five years, they eventually tied the knot on March 13, 2010, at Casa Ybel Resort on Sanibel Island, Florida.

The couple currently has two sons, namely Dodge and Scout Merritt. Unfortunately, Troy and Courtney are not active social media users.

As a result, almost everything about their private life remains unknown.

Troy Merritt Earnings 

Per Spotrac, Troy Merritt has earned around $13 million throughout his golf career. In 2009, aside from winning a cash prize at the Mexican Open, he received another $50k as an unofficial payout.

Troy Meritt (Source: KTVB)
Troy Merritt (Source: KTVB)

Over the years, even though his earnings were uneven, it was more than sufficient for the Merritt family to live a luxurious life. His highest earning was in 2015, when he made over $2 million.

Troy has already amassed about $500k in this ongoing 2023 season.

Merritt Odds For The Memorial Tournament

After Troy missed the cut, finishing 83rd, at the Charles Schwab Challenge, he has +100000 odds to win the 2023 Memorial Tournament.

The Memorial Tournament pres. by Workday is scheduled for June 1-4 at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Merritt recorded his best finish in this tournament of No. 3 and an average finish of 45th. Will he finish in the top three? Lets us know in the comment section.

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