Tyler Gaffney Net Worth & Salary 2024: Career Earnings And Income

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Former New England Patriots running back Tyler Gaffney spent a significant amount of time playing in the NFL, which has led to his impressive net worth.

Additionally, he has invested in different notable business ventures, further adding to his overall wealth.

Former NFL RB Tyler Gaffney
Former NFL RB Tyler Gaffney (Source: 247 Sports)

Tyler Gaffney is a former American football running back, most notably featuring for the New England Patriots.

The highlight achievement of his NFL career came in New England, winning two Super Bowl rings.

Additionally, he played two seasons of minor-league baseball, showing his athletic versatility.

Tyler Gaffney Net Worth

To evaluate the net worth of Gaffney, it is crucial to delve into his career progression within the NFL.

He played college football at Stanford University and was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

He signed a four-year entry-level contract with the Panthers, totaling $2,316,600. This contract included a $96,600 signing bonus, with $96,600 guaranteed. The average annual salary over the contract’s duration was $579,150.

However, he would only be in Carolina as a practice squad member. Gaffney suffered a torn lateral meniscus in his left knee in training, leading to his release from the team due to the injury.

Gaffney Won Two Super Bowl Rings With New England
Gaffney Won Two Super Bowl Rings With New England (Source: NBC Sports)

Later in the same year, the New England Patriots claimed Gaffney off waivers. He stayed in New England for three years and signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017.

The RB agreed to a one-year contract with the Jaguars, with a total value of $615,000 and an average yearly salary matching that amount.

In 2020, he signed as a practice squad member for the San Francisco 49ers, netting in $16,800. However, he could not break into their main roster.

Overall, he had a fruitful NFL career in terms of financial gain. However, injuries riddled his growth, stopping the RB from realizing his potential.

His Earnings Outside The NFL

Gaffney was a gifted dual-sport athlete, also playing baseball. Before he joined the NFL, he chose baseball as his primary sport and entered the MLB Draft in 2012.

After a notable stint as a college player, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected Gaffney in the 24th round of the 2012 MLB Draft, and he subsequently participated in two seasons of minor league baseball.

However, minor league players earn significantly lower salaries than Major League Baseball (MLB) stars. Their earning is modest, and many face financial challenges as they work their way up the ranks. Nevertheless, Gaffney’s time playing baseball also contributes to his overall wealth.

Gaffney Played Minor-League Baseball For Two Seasons
Gaffney Played Minor League Baseball For Two Seasons (Source: Minor League Baseball)

Aside from his athletic pursuits, he is also involved in several business ventures. He is the founder of Avantera Health, a business in the health sector.

Additionally, he is associated with BrandHoney, a company specializing in building direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands.

In the fitness realm, Gaffney is an investor and partner in Spellman Performance. Likewise, he is an investor and partner in Zeno Gym, suggesting an interest in the fitness and gym industry.

These diverse business involvements underscore his multifaceted entrepreneurial endeavors and interests across various sectors.

Overall, we can estimate the net worth of the former NFL star to be around the $5 million mark.

The lucrative contracts he received in the NFL, followed by the investment of his wealth into business ventures, have contributed to his impressive fortune.

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