Is Tyler Higbee Racist? Assault And Hate Crime In Past

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Is Tyler Higbee Racist? As news circulated about Tyler from Ram’s serious injury during a game, his past legal issues are also coming to the forefront.

Beyond his games and playing technique, people talk about the Super Bowl champion for his past legal issues.

In the past, the tight end of the Rams stirred up considerable controversy by engaging in racist behavior and assaulting another person.

Rams Tight End Tyler Higbee
Rams Tight End Tyler Higbee (Source: Instagram)

Born on January 1, 1993, in Clearwater, Florida, Higbee excelled in football and earned the title of MVP while playing as a wide receiver for the Eagles.

He played college football at Western Kentucky University and played in 31 games for the Hilltoppers.

During his junior year, he recorded 15 receptions for 230 yards and scored four touchdowns.

The Los Angeles Rams selected Higbee in the fourth round (110th overall) of the 2016 NFL Draft.

He became the 27th player drafted in Western Kentucky’s school history in the NFL Draft, marking the highest selection since Joseph Jefferson in 2002.

On September 29, 2023, Higbee signed a two-year contract extension with the Rams.

Tyler Higbee Racist: Assault And Hate Crime

In the past, the tight end Tyler faced legal issues related to assault and hate crimes.

On April 20, 2016, authorities charged Higbee with second-degree assault, alcohol intoxication in a public place, and evading police.

After an altercation on April 10, in which he assaulted a man outside Tidball’s nightclub in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Higbee was identified and apprehended following his attempt to flee the scene.

Furthermore, eyewitnesses reported that during the incident, Higbee shouted several racial slurs at Alsaleh after physically assaulting him.

The Rams tight end reportedly uttered the phrase “ISIS these nuts” and told Alsaleh to “go back to your country” as Alsaleh is of Middle Eastern descent.

Football Player Tyler Higbee
Football Player Tyler Higbee (Source: Instagram)

Later, the former Western Kentucky standout, under extreme emotional disturbance, pleaded guilty to assault.

Similarly, Warren Circuit Judge Steve Wilson ordered Higbee to pay an undisclosed amount to the victim and complete 250 hours of community service as components of a five-year pretrial diversion program.

Authorities also prohibited Higbee from owning or possessing a gun, using drugs, or consuming alcohol.

Additionally, authorities warned Higbee that violating the terms of the diversion program could lead to a two-year prison sentence.

Rams Fear Tyler Higbee’s Torn ACL

Reports suggest that a torn ACL resulted from a low and controversial hit during their wild-card loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday night for tight end Tyler Higbee.

Reportedly, during the game, Lions’ safety Kerby Joseph accidentally struck the Rams’ player, causing a tear.

Later, the report confirmed the injury through an MRI on Tuesday.

The duration of Higbee’s sideline for recovery is uncertain, but he faces a challenge in preparing for the start of the next season.

Tyler Higbee In Football Match
Tyler Higbee In Football Match (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, following the news release, many criticized the safety. In response, he came forward to defend himself and offered prayers for the tight end.

On his social media, Joseph wrote, “I’m praying for bro and his family. I have no intention to hurt anybody or harm their career.”

Later, Joseph’s teammate, linebacker Alex Anzalone, came to his defense.

He said, ” You have to go low, you can’t go high, and it’s a clinic tackle, in my opinion. I know they exchanged words after, but there’s nothing else that we can do defensively now. That’s what the league office wants.”

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