Vicente Luque Wife Carolina Silveira: Married Life And Kids

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American-Brazilian mixed martial artist Vicente Luque and his wife Carolina Silveira have been happily married since 2019. The couple now together has a son Bento, born in 2021.

They began dating when Vicente was an amateur fighter, transitioning from soccer to mixed martial arts around 2008. 

Carolina has known the athlete since he was a teenager and has been the greatest supporter from his initial days.

In fact, she started watching MMA fights after her partner started his fighting career back home in Brasilia.

American Brazilian MMA Fighter Vincente Luque
American Brazilian MMA Fighter Vicente Luque (Source: MMA Fighting)

Despite being born in the United States, Vicente Luque grew up in Brasilia, his mom’s hometown.

When he was 6, his parents divorced, and his mom moved to Brazil, taking her son with her, where he developed his interest in soccer and karate.

As a teen, he took Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai classes and gave up playing soccer. Soon after, he began fighting professionally for the Brasilia-based team Cerrado MMA.

Luque is currently associated with Sanford MMA and competes in the welterweight division of the UFC. 

Vicente Luque Wife, Carolina Silveira

Vicente Luque and his wife, Carolina Silveira, began their relationship back home in Brasilia during their teenage years.

The two grew up in the same neighborhood and knew each other since high school.

Vicente and Carolina attended Colegio Marista Jao Paulo II in Asa Norte, Brasilia, where Carolina graduated in 2010. After school, she later studied at The Catholic University of Brasilia.

Vicente Luque moved to the U.S. around 2013 after deciding to compete in The Ultimate Fighter. 

Vicente Luque And His Wife, Carolina (Source: Playerswiki)

Carolina visited the United States for the first time around the same time, and the two explored many new places together.

Fans can still see the pictures she captured during her U.S. visit on her social media handle.

After several years of living apart, the duo tied the knot on March 16, 2019, in the presence of their close relatives in Brasilia.

Moreover, prior to their wedding, on February 17, 2019, Vicente had a fight with Bryan Barbarena, which he won in the third round.

During the post-match interview, the bruised athlete remarked that he would be cooling his wounds with ice packs as he did not want to disappoint his girlfriend with that face at their wedding the following month.

Not to mention, Carolina has seen him hustling through all these years and knows how tough an MMA fighter’s life is. So, she has nothing but appreciation for her loving husband.

Furthermore, Silveira has been passionate about photography since her college days. Her Instagram posts are about her visits to new places, people, flowers, and many other small things she admires, besides family photos.

Vicente And Carolina Are Proud Parents Of Their Son

The successful MMA fighter has a son named Bento with his wife, Carolina.

Almost a year and a half after their marriage, Vicente posted an image of him with his wife announcing that his wife was pregnant. In the same post, he revealed the name of his would-be son.

Vincent Luque And His Wife With Their Newborn Son In 2021
Vicente Luque And His Wife With Their Newborn Son In 2021 (Source: MMA Fighting)

Eventually, Carolina gave birth to their son on May 16, 2021. 

Three days later, the MMA fighter took to his Instagram to announce the birth of their son.

Vicente expressed his happiness among the fans writing, “05/16 is a special day for me since 2008, now it’s even more, the day of the loves of my life!! Bento arrived with lots of love.”

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