Vince Russo Wife Amy Russo: Married Life And Kids

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The famous professional wrestling writer and booker Vince Russo has been married to his wife, Amy Russo, for four decades. Together, the couple are the parents of three beautiful children.

Vince and Amy had been together before he entered the professional wrestling scene as a writer.

He was still working as a sports editor for the school magazine named The Shield when he married Amy in the eighties.

The pair first met while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in college and have been inseparable since then.

Russo speaks highly of his wife, the primary reason behind his entertainment career success.

American Professional Wrestling Writer And Booker Vince Russo
American Professional Wrestling Writer And Booker Vince Russo (Source: X)

Vincent James Russo, better known as Vince Russo, is a professional wrestling pundit and writer notable for his work with the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, and the TNA.

Although he occasionally appeared in the arena with various ring names, such as Vic Venom and Mr. Wrestling III, Russo never became a professional wrestler.

However, he has once been a WCW World Heavyweight champion.

Besides, he is also an author, having released two books, namely Forgiven: One Man’s Journey from Self-Glorification to Sanctification and Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo.

Vince Russo’s Wife, Amy Russo And Kids

Vince Russo married his wife, Amy Gartner, on September 10, 1983, in Indiana, United States.

Originally from Long Island, New York, Vince moved to Indiana in the late seventies to pursue his undergraduate studies in Journalism at the University of Southern Indiana. 

Vince Russo And His Wife Amy
Vince Russo And His Wife, Amy (Source: Facebook)

While there, he met Amy, a resident of Evansville, Indiana. Growing up in Indiana, she attended William Henry Harrison High School in Tippecanoe County, where she graduated in 1980.

Following this, she was also a student at the same university as Vince, and the couple started dating during their college years.

After graduating, the couple tied the knot, and Amy gave birth to their three children: William, Vince Jr., and Annie.

Their oldest son, William, graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder. He works as a producing editor at Nationwide Prime Media Studies and lives in Acworth, Georgia.

Besides, there is not much information about their other two children. Meanwhile, the couple resides in Broomfield, Colorado.

Little On Vince Russo’s Career

Initially beginning his career as a sports editor, Vince Russo entered the world of professional wrestling as a freelance writer for WWF magazine in 1992.

Almost four years later, the WWF promoted him to their Creative Team. Working with Vince McMahon, Russo began writing storylines with controversial subjects and edgy topics, which catapulted Monday Night Raw to a new height of success.

Consequently, his popularity grew, and he became the head writer for WWF. However, Chris Kreski replaced him two years later in 1999.

American Professional Wrestling Booker, Writer Vince Russo
American Professional Wrestling Booker, Writer Vince Russo (Source: Twitter)

He later revealed the reason behind leaving the WWF was increased work time after the introduction of Smackdown!

Additionally, his relationship with Vince McMahon severed over the years, and Russo felt that McMahon did not let him spend time with his family.

After he departed from WWF, he briefly worked for WCW and WWE in the early 2000s.

Vince Russo eventually joined the TNA as a creative writer in 2002 and worked there in various positions, including production team member until 2014. 

Moreover, Russo has written columns for various websites, including What Culture and Chris Jericho’s website, 

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