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An exceptional NFL player & a two-time Super Bowl champ Von Miller will always remember how he kept pursuing football secretly from his father Von Miller Sr.

The 8-time Pro Bowl’s father wouldn’t let him play until his body was matured. But after finding out that his son has potential & enthusiasm for football, Von Miller Sr. became his biggest supporter- through his collegiate journey to NFL prominence.

Currently, his son Vonnie (aka Von Miller) plays for Buffalo Bills- marking his 12th NFL season as of 2022 and the first with the Bills.

Von looks up to his father when making crucial decisions in life.

While the Texas A&M alumnus was in a dilemma about whether to rejoin the Rams or go with the Bills ahead of the 2022 season, his father suggested joining Buffalo Bills.

Von Miller And His Father
NFL Player Von Miller And His Father (Source: Instagram)

Miller’s dad may have a strong exterior; however, he is a huge softie on the inside- affectionate, caring & encouraging. He loves to hang out with his NFL star son.

Vonnie Miller Sr. (father of Von Miller) is a businessman and owns a power company named Pow’r Guardian Inc. He started the company in 1988 and runs it with his wife, Gloria Miller.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about Von Miller’s father including family, net worth & life journey. Stay with us till the end. 

Von Miller Father | Quick Facts

Full Name  Vonnie Miller Sr.
Known As  Von Miller
Birthday  January 8
Zodiac Scorpio
Age In his 60s
Religion Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity American-African
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Married
Wife Esmeralda Jean Franco (aka Gloria Miller)
Kids Von Miller

Vince Miller

Popular for  Father of NFL player Von Miller
Profession Businessman
Hobbies Travelling, Fishing
Social media Instagram
Net Worth (of NFL player son) $60 Million
Merch of Von Miller (Son)  Signed Helmet
Last Update April 2024

Von Miller’s Father Von Miller Sr. | Family, Age & Height

An American, Von Miller Sr. keeps most of his early life details low-key. He was born in the late 1950s and celebrates his birthday on January 8.

Nothing much on his family background is out, except his mother’s name is Della Johnson.

The NFL player’s father is allegedly in his 60s as of April 2024.

With his wife Gloria Miller (aka Esmeralda Jean Franco), Von Miller Sr. is the dad of two sons.

They reportedly married more than 3 decades ago- the duo were lovers since high school days and even competed as athletes.

Von Miller Sr. With His Wife Gloria And NFL Player Son Von Miller
Von Miller Sr. With His Wife Gloria And NFL Player Son Von Miller (Source: Instagram)

His eldest son Von Miller (full name: Vonnie B’VSean Miller), was born on March 26, 1989, in DeSoto, Texas. And the youngest son Vince Miller turned 31 years old in 2022- he was born on April 28, 1991.

As for Von Miller Sr.’s physique, he has a strong build and stands a bit short than his son Von Miller who stands 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m).

Is Tony Jerod-Eddie The Son Of Von Miller Sr.?

On his Instagram bio, Von Miller Sr. mentions he is the father of three, his own two sons: Von and Vince Miller, as well as Tony Jerod-Eddie (best friend of his son Von).

Tony is actually the son of Latunya Eddie and Vincent Eddie. But after Tony’s family was set to move from DeSoto, the future NFL prospect Miller pursued his parents to have Eddie stay with them.

Tony and Von Miller grew up together and even attended Texas A&M University.

As of now, Tony Jerod-Eddie is a former NFL player- he played with the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent from 2012 to 2016.

Von Miller Sr. (Father Of Von Miller) | Career

Von Miller Sr., unlike his son Vonnie B’VSean Miller who plays in NFL, didn’t go through mainstream games. Rather, his athletism gene during high school & college days ran in the veins of his son.

Currently, Von Miller Sr. recognizes himself as a businessman. He is the owner of Pow’r Guardian Inc. and runs it with his wife, Gloria, since its foundation in 1988.

The company has a reputation for quality and dependability at cheap pricing. As mentioned on the company’s website, its headquarter is in Dallas-Fort Worth, with branches in Austin, Texas, and Denver, Colorado.

Reportedly, before launching his own company, Von Sr. used to work as a manager at Payless Shoes Store. Later, he went to technical school and worked for two battery firms before initiating his own business.

Vonnie Miller Sr. Didn’t Let Von Miller Play Football As A Kid

As any father would want, Vonnie Sr. always wanted the best for his children but would also consider their safety first too.

So, when Von Miller wanted to play football while in fifth grade, his father Von Miller Sr., didn’t let him- suggesting his body was not mature enough.

In an interview with The Players Tribune in February 2016, the former Denver Broncos player shared the story of how he played football secretly despite his father’s suggestion.

Reportedly, he asked his mother, Gloria, about his willingness to football & she enrolled him in fifth-grade Pee Wee ball.

They kept it a secret for a year until Von Miller Sr. found out football gears on the back of his SUV.

Von Miller Father
A Proud Moment For Von Miller’s Father (Source: Instagram)

Upon finding such passion in his son for football, Von Miller Sr. changed his thoughts completely- became the biggest supporter that a father could be.

The NFL player’s father encourages him by visiting him at the NFL games.

Moreover, Von Sr. and his son Vince were there to cheer up Von Miller when he competed in Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars.

Von Miller Sr. Is A Grandfather

From both his sons, Von and Vince, the businessman & his wife Gloria are grandparents of two.

Von Miller, Sr.’s youngest son Vince Miller, married his longtime girlfriend, Chelsea Miller, in May 2022. Chelsea is the owner of B.A.R.E. LABEL, a beauty and cosmetic product company.

Von Miller Sr's Youngest Son Vince Miller And His Wife Chelsea
Von Miller Sr’s Youngest Son Vince Miller And His Wife Chelsea (Source: Instagram)

Vince and Chelsea are parents to son Vince Miller Jr. (born in November 2022).

As for Miller Sr.’s eldest son, Von Miller, he is not married but has a son Valor B’Vsean Miller (born on August 16, 2020), with his on-off girlfriend, Megan Denise.

Von Miller and Megan, an Instagram model, began dating in 2018, shortly after they met at the ESPY Award ceremony in Los Angeles.

Von Miller, An NFL Player With His Son Valor
Von Miller, An NFL Player With His Son Valor (Source: Buffalo News)

By 2020, the two had broken up but seemed to have reconciled.

On December 2, 2022, Megan Denise made an Instagram post that she and the NFL star Von Miller were expecting their second child, a baby girl named Victory, with a due date in February 2023.

It captioned: “Another year, another blessing. 2-9-2023. This year my day is about you bubba. Made the same baby twice. 9 weeks left to hold you VICTORY B’VSEAN MILLER”.

Though the Instagram post has since been deleted.

Von Miller Father Von Miller Sr. | Social Media Presence

Von Miller Sr. is active on Instagram and prefers being introduced as ‘therealvonmiller.’ Not to mention, his wife Gloria also has an Instagram account that goes by the handle @momofthemillennium.

His follower count is more than 9K as of April 2024.

He loves posting about food, charity, and adventures. In addition, he keeps us updated with the foods he tries and the restaurants he visits.

Von Miller Sr. is fond of fishing too.

Von Miller Father
Von Miller’s Father Loves To Go Fishing! (Source: Instagram)

Despite looking like a rough and tough guy, people greatly love Von.

On his posts, he is frequently seen surrounded by positive individuals. He mostly posts about his sons. He loves posting about his son’s matches.

Von Miller Father | Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

Von Miller Sr., the father of NFL player Von Miller, is a businessman- owner of the company Pow’r Guardian Inc. So, it’s evident that he makes a great deal of money through his business venture.

The exact net worth of Von Miller’s father is under wraps, but he possibly is a millionaire with an estimated yearly income of not less than $1 million.


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A post shared by Vonnie Miller Sr. (@therealvonmiller)

Well, his son Von Miller (nicknamed Chinese Dragon) owns a $60 million net worth as of April 2024.

The DeSoto, Texas-born, plays for Buffalo Bills after signing a 6-year $120 million contract on March 16, 2022. Out of which, the signing bonus is $18.52 million, while the guaranteed amount is $51.43 million.

Von Miller’s earnings for the 2022-23 season is $15 million- it breaks down as $1.3 million in base salary, $3.7 million signing bonus, and $13.6 million as roster bonus.

After playing collegiate at Texas A&M, the 2015 Super Bowl MVP signed with Denver Broncos as their 2011 NFL Draft pick. After 11 NFL seasons with the Broncos, he went to LA Rams in 2021 before joining the Buffalo Bills.

 From 12 NFL seasons (through the 2022-23 season), he made $164,445,534 in career earnings, while $143.75 million was from a career with the Broncos only.

Von Miller Father | Popularity Graph

Von Miller Sr. is popular as the father of football outside linebacker Von Miller. It is a proud moment for any father who gets recognition for his son’s achievements.

Von Miller Father
The Popularity Of Von Miller’s Father Over The Past 12 Months (Source: Google Trends)

The above graph shows the trend of Von Miller’s father Von Miller Sr., over 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tony Jerod-Eddie related to Von Miller?

No, Tony Jorod-Eddie is not related to the Miller family by blood. But the two are best friends & refers themselves as brothers. Even more, Von's father Von Miller Sr. mentions him as his son on his Instagram bio.

How Old Is Von Miller Sr.?

Von Miller Sr. is in his 60s.

Is Von Miller‘s father a player too?

No, Von Miller's father is not a professional player. However, he was an athlete during high school.


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