Wade Barrett Girlfriend: Is He Still Dating Alicia Fox?

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Wade Barrett has been romantically linked with two notable girlfriend/s in the past.

Out of that, his most widely recognized relationship is with Alicia Fox, a prominent American professional wrestler.

Their connection lasts a decade, grounded in a shared passion for wrestling.

Wade Barrett Holds Dual British And American Citizenship
Wade Barrett Holds Dual British And American Citizenship (Source: Instagram)

Wade Barrett, also known as Stu Bennett, is a versatile English-American professional with a rich wrestling, acting, and commentary background.

Currently, he is an integral part of WWE, contributing as a play-by-play commentator for the Smackdown brand.

Barrett’s journey in WWE began with a significant victory in the inaugural season of NXT in 2010, where he emerged as the winner.

This triumph catapulted him to the main roster on Raw later that same year. Barrett quickly rose to prominence as the formidable leader of The Nexus.

Wade Barrett Girlfriend: The Rise and Fall of His Relationships

In the realm of WWE relationships, Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett once shared a connection during Barrett’s tenure with the company.

However, as his WWE career ended in 2016, Barrett opted to part ways with the organization, seeking new opportunities outside the squared circle.

During their time together, Fox faced personal challenges, with her mother experiencing homelessness for three years.

This tumultuous period resulted in heightened anxiety and stress for Fox.

Wade Barrett Ex-Girlfriend Alicia Fox
Wade Barrett’s Ex-Girlfriend Alicia Fox (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, the emotional toll of her mother’s situation strained her relationship with Barrett, as she felt unable to share her feelings with him due to his perceived emotional reserve.

Despite their breakup, Fox maintains a deep affection for Barrett, expressing gratitude that they have become friends, even if they are no longer romantically involved.

Barrett found companionship on the other side of the ring in Rachel David, a public figure.

The couple openly embraced their relationship, sharing moments on social media.

However, despite their public affection, the pair eventually decided to part ways, ending their time together.

Embracing Singlehood, Focused on Career and Personal Pursuits

In the years following his two well-known relationships almost a decade ago, Wade Barrett has taken a hiatus from romantic entanglements.

Recent glimpses into his life through social media indicate that the former WWE Superstar is currently single.

Barrett’s online presence reflects a solo journey, focusing on individual pursuits and personal growth.

His social media posts hint at a contented singlehood, emphasizing self-discovery and career endeavors.

Wade Barrett With His Work Mate Kevin Patrick Egan
Wade Barrett With His Work Mate Kevin Patrick Egan (Source: Instagram)

Amidst the absence of romantic entanglements, Barrett has redirected his energy towards his role as a commentator.

Devoting himself to the world of sports commentary, he appears to find fulfillment in this aspect of his professional life.

A peek into Barrett’s Instagram unveils a life well-lived with friends and family.

The photos capture moments of joy, laughter, and camaraderie, suggesting a robust support system extending beyond romance.

In addition to his professional pursuits and social connections, Barrett seems to have found solace in personal activities.

His Instagram feed showcases moments spent lifting weights, a testament to his dedication to fitness, and strumming on the guitar, highlighting a multifaceted personality beyond the wrestling ring.

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