Who Are Wander Alexander Franco and Wander Javier Franco? Wander Franco Brother

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Baseball genes run in the Franco family! The Dominican-born MLB player Wander Franco not only shares the name “Wander” with his brothers & father but also passion for baseball.

Wander Samuel Franco, aka “El Patron,” plays for the MLB team Tampa Bay Rays (2022- now), climbing the ladders from its minor league affiliate.

Even if Franco’s elder brothers: Wander Alexander & Wander Javier, never made it to the major league, there is no denying their dedication & inspiration did. Wondering how??

Just take a look at their younger brother, Wander Samuel thriving to MLB prominence.

Wander Samuel Franco, A Dominican MLB Player
Wander Samuel Franco, A Dominican MLB Player (Source: Instagram)

Wander Franco’s deal with the Tampa Bays Rays, an 11-year $182 million contract, is the largest ever given to a prospect from the Dominican Republic.

He made his highly anticipated debut against the Red Sox on June 22, 2021. He became the youngest player in the Bay Rays franchise history to hit a home run in his MLB debut.

Franco personifies the bright possibilities of Dominican talent in Major League Baseball and the future of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Wander Franco Brother

Wander Franco has two older brothers, Wander Alexander Franco and Wander Javier Franco, and a sister. Alexander and Javier played in the Houston Astros and San Francisco Giants organizations.

Alexander Franco has a career stat of a .275 batting average with 30 home runs. He played for seven teams in his playing career and became a free agent in 2018.

Javier Franco has a career stat of .250 batting average with 29 home runs and 176 RBI. He started his professional career in 2014 with the DSL Astros Blue.

Javier had a .298 batting average in the Minor League Minor leagues, and Javier had a .298 batting average and won ALL-Star Award in 2018. 

The Franco Brothers Attending A Sport Event
The Franco Brothers (Source: Facebook)

The Franco brothers’ paths in professional baseball may differ, but their shared love for the game and mutual support provides a strong foundation for success. 

The passion for baseball runs deep in the Franco family; they have supported and motivated each other throughout their journeys.

Their shared experiences and love for the game have created a strong bond among them as they push each other to reach new heights and achieve their goals.s

Wander Franco’s Parents

Wander Franco was born to Wander and Nancy Aybar on March 1, 2001, in BanĂ­, Dominican Republic. 

Currently, his parents live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His Father, Franco, attended Liceo Francisco Gregorio Billini high school in Bani. He is a former baseball player and played minor league ball in the 1990s.

His mother, Nancy, was born in Peraviam, Dominican Republic, and is the sister of Erick Aybar and Willy Aybar. Erick and Willy are former Major League Baseball players. 

Wander Franco's Parents At A Family Gathering
Wander Franco’s Parents (Source: Facebook)

Franco’s parents recognized the importance of baseball in their son’s life from an early age. They have nurtured his talent, encouraged his aspirations, and stood by him every step of the way.

The unwavering belief of his parents in his abilities has significantly impacted his success.

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