Warrick Dunn Wife: Is He Married Or Still Single? Relationship Details

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Warrick Dunn has no wife and continues to remain single. Dunn might not have started a family of his own, but he has certainly helped change the lives of various other families. 

Through his charitable works, Dunn has furnished 221 homes for single mothers. His flagship program, Home For The Holidays, began in 1997, during his rookie season. 

Warrick Dunn Gives A Speech During An Event In 2023
Warrick Dunn Gives A Speech During An Event In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The inspiration behind the program is his mother, Betty Smothers, who passed away in 1993. The former NFL player spent five seasons with the Buccaneers and six seasons with the Falcons. 

His last season was in 2008 with the Buccaneers. Dunn was named to the Pro Bowl team three times and was the NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year. After retiring, Dunn purchased a minority stake in the Atlanta Falcons franchise for $9 million. 

Warrick Dunn Wife: Is He Married Or Still Single?

The former NFL star, Warrick Dunn, has no wife and remains single. Known as one of the kindest celebrities in the media, the footballer has helped change the lives of many through his charity programs.

As soon as Warrick’s NFL career began at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1997, he immediately thought of giving back to the community. The NFL rookie started the charity program Homes for the Holidays. 

Warrick started the charity to honor his late mother, Betty Smothers, who dreamed of becoming a homeowner. Each year, Dunn gives away houses to single mothers, pays the down payment, and persuades businesses to furnish the homes.

Since the program’s inception, Dunn has furnished 221 homes, provided over $1 million in down-payment assistance, and served over 578 dependents. 

Dunn Began His Charitable Work In 1997 As A Rookie In The NFL
Dunn Began His Charitable Work In 1997 As A Rookie In The NFL (Source: Instagram)

Last year, two days before Thanksgiving, through Warrick Dunn and Aaron’s, a single mother of two, Nique became a first-time homeowner. This marked the 220th home the former NFL player handed out from his non-profit organization. 

The Home for the Holidays charities has expanded into three additional programs- Count on Your Future, Sculpt, and Hearts for Community Service Scholarships. 

On his Instagram, Warrick promotes his charitable work and has shared less about himself. Even in his interviews, Warrick talks about the hardships faced by the less privileged group and the inspiration behind his selfless work.

The Dunn Family: His Mother Will Always Be The Souce Of Inspiration

Raised by a single mother, Warrick considered his mom, Betty Smothers, as his best friend. But his mom passed away when the former footballer was only 18.

Smothers was a Baton Rouge policewoman who was gunned down while making a night deposit in 1993. Betty left the world only two days after celebrating Warrick’s 18th birthday. 

Warrick has previously talked about the effects his mother’s murder had on him. He said despite being successful on and off the field, he wasn’t enjoying his life. 

It was only long after his mother’s demise that he began to seek therapy and started finding joy again. Previously, in an interview with NBC Sports, Warrick opened up about his counseling sessions.

He shared that for the first nine months, he couldn’t even look at his counselor’s eye. Though it was difficult at first, Warrick reached a point where he wanted to confront one of his mother’s murderers.

Warrick Dunn Pictured With His Siblings Celebrating The Life Of A Fatherly Figure, Coach Maelen "Choo Choo" Brooks.
Warrick Dunn Pictured With His Siblings Celebrating The Life Of A Fatherly Figure, Coach Maelen “Choo Choo” Brooks (Source: Instagram)

Warrick visited Kevan Brumfield, the man convicted for his mother’s killing. Brumfield denied murdering Betty, but Dunn forgave him anyway. 

The former Falcons player was the oldest of six siblings. His five siblings- Summer, Derrick, Travis, Briscon, and Samantha have taken different paths in their lives. 

Previously, in an interview, Warrick said Summer was a counselor at Atlanta High School, Derrick was a car detailer in Baton Rouge, Travis and Briscon were studying at Louisiana-Lafayette, and Samantha was attending Southern University. 

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