Was Brandon Novak Arrested? PBA Bowler Withdraws From US Open 2024

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The Ohio bowler Brandon Novak was arrested by the US Marshals during the US Open. Novak, 35, has previous charges against him in Franklin County, Ohio. 

At first, the bowling fans thought it was the FBI, who quickly took away Brandon. But they turned out to be US Marshals. Novak has now withdrawn from the 2024 PBA US Open, but the reason for his arrest remains unclear.

Brandon Novak Began His Bowling Career In 2006 But Has Found Limited Success
Brandon Novak Began His Bowling Career In 2006 But Has Found Limited Success (Source: Twitter)

The Ohio native finished 36th in the event and couped $1500. Several speculations have been going online about Brandon’s arrest. Many believe the arrest is for a case much more serious than he has been previously charged with. 

Was Brandon Novak Arrested? US Marshals Involved In The Case

Brandon Novak was arrested during the seventh frame of the second game of final-round qualifying at the US Open. Many speculated that the FBI had made the arrest, but it was later reported that the US Marshals were involved in Brandon’s case.

Marshals are only involved in a case if they have to hunt down a fugitive. Brandon Novak’s arrest details haven’t been made clear, with many confused as to what the pro bowler had done. 

The FlorSports journalist Lucas Wiseman said the livestream coverage of Novak’s arrest showed the arm of someone wearing a jacket reaching into their pocket. 

Brandon Novak Was Reportedly Arrested In 2022 For TPO Violation
Brandon Novak Was Reportedly Arrested In 2022 For A TPO Violation (Source: Twitter)

Novak was arrested in 2022 in Franklin County, Ohio, for a TPO violation. A few believe his arrest could be a parole violation for crossing state borders. But many have questioned why would the feds bother to arrest for something minuscule like this.

A Reddit thread quickly began after Novak was arrested, and one user has said it is much more of a serious case. The Reddit user wrote that Novak could’ve allegedly been arrested for a domestic violence and sexual assault case. 

The user also wrote that one of his friends was at the game and heard the same thing from others present. But there isn’t any concrete proof of whether the user is telling the truth or is waffling.  

The Ohio Bowler Novak Career 

The Chillicothe, Ohio native Brandon Novak began playing in bowling events in 2009. But that year, he supposedly played only one game, per the PBA website.

He had one of his best years in terms of cash prizes in 2016 with $28k, and it’s been stated that from 2013 to 2020, he made $93k by participating in some of the major bowling events. 

Novak was interviewed in 2016 after bowling his 100th perfect game. In the interview, Brandon said he began bowling in 2006 and after finding success, decided to bowl five nights a week for five-plus years since then.

A Zane Trace High School graduate, Novak started competitive bowling at 17 and won the high school state team title with Zane Trace in 2006. In 2012, Novak won the PBA Central Region Rookie of the Year title. 

During his interview, Brandon mentioned that during his free time, he helps out the area’s high school bowler when needed. He said, “I try to help out some of the younger area bowlers when I can. I’ve helped out with Zane Trace, Unioto, and Chillicothe’s high school teams as recently as this year.”

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