Was Bray Wyatt Christian Or Jewish? WWE Star Religion

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WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt never stated his religion, but fans believed him to be a Christian. A few of Wyatt’s tattoos also signified this rumor could be true.

The leader of the Wyatt family and a famous WWE personality, Bray Wyatt, passed away on August 24, 2023, but he left behind a wrestling legacy that will never be forgotten. 

Bray Wyatt Addressed The Audience As He Makes His Return To WWE
Bray Wyatt Addresses The Audience As He Makes His Return To WWE (Source: Twitter)

Throughout the entirety of his WWE career, Wyatt was more known to be a heel than a face. His on-stage persona of an evil cult leader made him a standout among his peers. 

And it was probably due to his on-stage persona that many of his fans believed Wyatt might have been an atheist. 

Bray Wyatt Religion: Was Bray Wyatt Christian Or Jewish?

The late WWE superstar Bray Wyatt never stated his religion explicitly. But many believed him to be Christian as he was born and raised in Brooksville, Florida.

In an interview, when Wyatt was asked if he believed in God, the wrestler stated he didn’t believe in the traditional sense of God but believed in a higher power.

Bray Wyatt Took To The Stage As The Fiend To Attack Randy Orton In 2020
Bray Wyatt Took To The Stage As The Fiend To Attack Randy Orton In 2020 (Source: Twitter)

The WWE fans were always curious about Wyatt’s religious perspective as the persona he showed in the ring would have suggested he wasn’t religious. He acted as a villainous cult leader, and his persona made people hate him.

When Wyatt returned with a new character, The Fiend, in 2019, it was a demon clown who had supernatural characteristics. This also made a few fans question whether Wyatt had any religious beliefs or if he was doing it for the camera. 

Bray Wyatt Tattoos Related To His Religion 

The WWE superstar Bray Wyatt had several inkings on his body. His aggressive wolf tattoo across his chest was a stand-out, along with a combination of animal tattoos.

Wyatt also had tribal pattern tattoos and Samoan tribal art tattoos covering his body. But there was another tattoo that caught the attention of fans. 

It was Wyatt’s tattoo of the Crucifixion of Jesus tattoo, which was on his left arm. This tattoo can easily hint that the former WWE wrestler believed in Jesus and his teachings. 

Bray Wyatt's Crucifixion of Jesus Tattoo Made Many Fans Think He Was Christian
Bray Wyatt’s Crucifixion of Jesus Tattoo Made Many Fans Think He Was Christian (Source: Reddit)

One Bray Wyatt had pointed this out in a Reddit subreddit and questioned whether it meant that the wrestler believed in Christianity.

Many fellow Redittors refused to make any comment as they believed it didn’t make a difference whether Wyatt followed a particular religion. It’s also believed that Wyatt had an anchor tattoo on his fingers signifying his faith in Christianity. 

But we should also keep in mind that the wrestler also had an Evil Authority tattoo on his left forearm and several skull tattoos on his body.

He also had an Angel with Burnt Wings tattoo, which probably meant a struggle between good and evil. So, for the most part, Wyatt might have got some inkings to fit his on-stage persona. 

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