Wes Phillips Salary And Net Worth: Vikings Coach Arrested On DUI

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Wes Phillips salary is likely to be in seven figures, just like many other NFL coordinators. The Vikings coach comes from a family of talented coaches and has followed in the footsteps of his famous grandad. 

The Vikings hired Wes Phillips in 2022 after seeing his work with the Rams and previously with the Commanders and the Cowboys. He even went on to win his first Super Bowl ring after the Rams defeated the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI.

Wes Phillips Was Arrested On Friday Night For Driving While Intoxicated
Wes Phillips Was Arrested On Friday Night For Driving While Intoxicated (Source: Twitter)

The offensive coordinator previously talked about wanting to become an NFL head coach. There are signs that Phillips can take up that challenging position sometime in the future. But for now, he has to keep himself away from media frenzy like the latest one. 

The Vikings’ coach was arrested for DWI, a misdemeanor, on Friday night. He was released on bond and traveled with the team to Allegiant Stadium. 

Wes Phillips Salary: Does The Vikings Coach Earn Seven Figures?

The Vikings offensive coordinator Wes Phillips joined the NFC North team last year. Many believe he is one of the offensive coaches who earns more than a million dollars. 

According to reports, an NFL coordinator, on average has a million-dollar salary. But like any other profession, this job depends on the personnel’s experience and the team’s success.

Earlier this year, the Miami Dolphins hired defensive coordinator Vic Fangio at a price of more than $4.5 million. This made Fangio the highest-paid coordinator in the NFL. 

Talking about our guy, Wes Phillips, he certainly comes short against Fangio in terms of experience. Fangio began his coaching career in the 70s, whereas Phillips started his coaching profession at the University of Texas in 2003. 

Wes Phillips Pictured Wearing The Vikings Hoodie As He Throws The Ball To One Of His Players
Wes Phillips Pictured Wearing The Vikings Hoodie As He Throws The Ball To One Of His Players (Source: Twitter)

Phillips’ NFL career began in 2007 after three college stints at UTEP, West Texas A&M, and Baylor. He joined the Cowboys as their quality control/offensive assistant and stayed loyal to them until 2013. 

In 2014, he joined the Washington Commanders as their tights end coach and worked there for four years before joining the Los Angeles Rams. He took up the same position at the Rams in 2019. 

Later, in 2021, Wes became the Rams’ pass game coordinator, handling two roles. During his time at the Rams, he saw the side lift its only second Superbowl title in the team’s history. 

So, there’s no doubt that Wes earns a figure salary because he has the experience and success with his former side. In 2022, when Vikigns coped him from the Rams, the salary also probably played a huge role. 

Wes Phillips Net Worth: Phillips Comes From A Famous Family 

There’s no doubt that Wes Phillips is probably a millionaire by this point. Not only does he earn a good fortune as an NFL coach, but he also probably has made a handful of investments. 

Many might not know, but the Vikings’ coach, Wes Phillips’ family has a long history in the NFL. The offensive coordinator is Wade Phillips’ son and grandson of Bum Phillips. 

Wade was a head coach for the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, and Denver Broncos and was one of the top defensive coordinators in the NFL. He reached three Super Bowls and won the competition once. 

Wes Phillips Pictured With His Dad, Wade Phillips, During Vikings' Training Session
Wes Phillips Pictured With His Dad, Wade Phillips, During Vikings’ Training Session (Source: Twitter)

His grandfather has an even more glorious history in the sport. Bum Phillips coached at all levels- high school, college, and in the NFL. He was the head coach for the Houston Oilers from 1975 to 1980 and later for the Saints from 1981 to 1985.

Bum Phillips was inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1999, and the Titans honored Phillips by placing him into the Ring of Honor in 2021. 

When Wade’s coaching career at the Rams ended, Wes’ began. Previously, in an interview, Wade called his son a smart man and said, “He knows what I know, and he knows what he knows, so he knows a lot. He is a great coach. I am living vicariously through Wes.”

Wes isn’t big on social media, and though he has an X handle (formerly known as Twitter), he hasn’t shared too much about his personal life. All and all, Wes Phillips is dedicated to his family and the sport that has become a family legacy. 

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