West Ham Vs. Arsenal: An Interesting Game

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West Ham got off to a good start and was rewarded for their efforts in the 15th minute.

Benrahma played Antonio on the line. The striker headed straight for the penalty spot before cutting the ball back to Lingard.

The Man Utd lender touched the ball once and passed it to Leno to give the Hammers the lead. West Ham doubled their lead shortly after Bowen.

The winger was selected inside the Arsenal penalty area from a free-kick that Lingard immediately blocked, and he made no mistake in finishing.

It was 3-0 in the home team in the 32nd minute. Antonio met Coufal‘s head, and Soucek led a knockout in the far corner.

The third goal was a necessary shot in the Arsenal system, and they pulled the lead back before the break.

Lacazette lowered the Chambers cross, and a passing player shot past Fabianski with a deflector on Soucek. So at halftime, the points were 3-1.

Chambers found himself in a room on the right and brought across towards the judgment area. Lacazette lowered the ball well with its first touch and shot past Fabianski!

Arsenal wake-up call! Is the return on?

Partey played a pass for Lacazette with his back to the goal, and the Frenchman played a flick for the first time behind West Ham.

Saka beat Cresswell in the race but fired straight at Fabianski!

It was an excellent opportunity for Arsenal to get a moment and put themselves in one of the Hammers!

Arsenal started to get their feet on the ground.

Odegaard slammed the ball into the line for Chambers to run on, and Cresswell was slow to respond.

The Chambers hit a cross on the ground towards the back of the post, but Cresswell blocked the ball in the back corner of Arsenal.

However, halfway through, an excellent first-leg defense was played for West Ham’s defense for Lacazette to run.

Arsenal during English Premier League

The Frenchman lifted the ball over Fabianski, but Diop removed the ball from the line!

And Lucky ran away from Hammers and an excellent start to half of Arsenal!

Besides, Coufal cut inside his mark and threw the ball at Antonio on the edge of Arsenal’s penalty area.

The forward was hesitant before the shot, but his efforts cleared the cross.

Moreover, Coufal became the first word in the referee’s letter about the challenge to Aubameyang when he received a yellow card in the 57th minute of the game.

West Ham 3-2 Arsenal 

Bowen lost in the middle line, and the referee did not fire a free-kick. Arsenal took it quickly, and the ball found its way to the Chambers bottom right.

The right-back punched the cross down, and Dawson connected and sent it back into his net! In 61 minutes.

West Ham scored three points and sat down, and Arsenal made them pay. The game was far from over.

West Ham Vs. Arsenal
West Ham Vs. Arsenal ( Source: Premier League)

Lingard then played a quick ball at Antonio’s feet on the edge of Arsenal’s penalty area. A forward touch put the ball in Bowen’s path, who sent the ball towards the net.

Bowen’s attempt backfired on Antonio, who sent a shotgun to his mark near and behind the corner.

Now West Ham was looking for cheap free-kicks, and John Moss doesn’t have them, and so should he.

Going to the ball and soliciting free kicks allowed Arsenal to leave the pitch and quickly.

Arsenal had been holding the game for a long time, and if you are a betting man, you bet on Arsenal to get that balance.

West Ham looked tired despite being more relaxed than Arsenal.

The Hammers’ top performers were not performing as well as they did in the first round. Also, both clubs have made changes, and West Ham looks set to close the store.

Mark Noble has fought for Bowen, and Arsenal, Saka, and Xhaka have replaced Smith Rowe and Pepe.

Benrahma entered the penalty area for Arsenal and scored. At the same time, Antonio met it and sent a shotgun, hit the post, and played again!

However, you should have scored! But it was outside the post.

The Chambers found themselves on the cross again after Pepe let the ball run to him.

The right-back passed the cross looking back and forth defending the ball at West Ham.

Besides, Fredericks was preparing for West Ham, and it was Benrahma.

Lingard ran for free and rode the Chambers challenge before cutting inside the right foot. The midfielder found the ball, but it went upwards.

West Ham 3-3 Arsenal

In the 82nd minute of the game, it was a draw. Pepe ran to the line before hanging the cross high. The Lacazette rose very high and planted the head behind the net!

Arsenal ended the comeback from 3-0 down and was looking for a winner. However, West Ham had done very well.

West Ham Vs. Arsenal
West Ham Vs. Arsenal

Rice got tired of having no options in front of him and continued the mazey race when he got another chance. He saw through the opposition group and was shot but aimed straight at Leno!

In the 87th minute, Antonio was defeated by Luiz, and the Brazilian defender seemed to be pushing Arsenal forward.

The West Ham man ran back and left one for Luiz and got himself a reservation. And a minute later, Cresswell found himself booking.

Although the game was added, a 3 minute time to the result did not change, and the game ended 3-3.

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