What Is Alex Yood Disability? Michigan Staffer Fired After Soliciting 13 Year Old

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Netizens are curious about Alex Yood disability as the former Michigan staffer has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Michigan‘s football program has fired Yood after shocking footage of him allegedly soliciting a 13-year-old girl has come to light.

Alex Yood Graduated From University of Michigan In 2022
Alex Yood Graduated From University of Michigan In 2022 (Source: The New York Post)

Alex Yood, 23, is a former staffer on Michigan’s football program who was born to his parents, Steve and Marianne Yood.

Yood grew up in a family who avidly supports the New England Patriots in the NFL, alongside his twin brother Josh.

Alex attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate studies and graduated with honors in Cognitive Science in 2022.

Meanwhile, he also worked for the Michigan Wolverines football program as a student intern for several years.

He continued working for the Wolverines football program until his recent dismissal. Evidently, Alex is aspiring to pursue a coaching career.

Alex Yood Disability

While the public’s attention is often shifting, the recent viral video concerning Alex Yood has sparked interest in the details of his disability.

In the video, Alex appears to be physically disabled, leading people to question the nature of his condition.

According to reports, Alex has mild cerebral palsy. It encompasses a range of neurological disorders affecting muscle tone, posture, mobility, and hand use.

Alex Yood At A New England Patriots Game With His Father
Alex Yood At A New England Patriots Game With His Father (Source: Facebook)

However, this disability has never hindered his determination and tenacity.

Despite his challenges, Alex has been involved in football from a young age. Over the years, he has defied the odds and showcased his extraordinary abilities.

In a 2020 interview with Nolan Rich, Alex discussed his dream of becoming a football coach. Rich is the host of Rich Sports Talk.

“We talked about how Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores helped him while he was in high school, how he is helping at the University of Michigan, and being able to do all of this with cerebral palsy,” Alex said.

Michigan Staffer Fired After Soliciting 13-Year-Old

Unfortunately, disturbing news has emerged regarding Yood’s involvement in an incident where he allegedly solicited a 13-year-old girl.

The University of Michigan has since confirmed that they have parted ways with Yood after the video surfaced in September.

The news of Yood’s firing was initially reported by 247 Sports. Michigan’s athletics department later confirmed it in a statement to the Daily Mail.

“Alex Yood is no longer part of the athletic department,” the statement said.

Michigan’s statement mentioned that an issue was brought to their attention, and immediate action was taken by involving their HR department.

However, due to the ongoing nature of the situation, further comments cannot be made at this time.

Alex Yood As Captured In The Video
Alex Yood As Captured In The Viral Video (Source: Dailysnark)

Reportedly, Boopac Shakur was the one who posted the video on Instagram. Shakur is an online vigilante who encountered online fame for exposing child predators.

The video shows Yood wearing Michigan gear and carrying a bottle of alcohol in a store.

Yood was approached by Shakur and another man called ‘Dap,’ questioning him about his plans to meet a minor girl.

Initially, Yood denies being aware that he was speaking to a 13-year-old girl. But one of the men recalls instances throughout their conversation where the minor’s age was mentioned.

The confrontation escalates as the man accuses Yood of intending to meet the young girl for sexual purposes.

It is worth noting that there are currently no court records associated with Yood in Ann Arbor, according to 247 Sports.

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