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Connor Stalions Age: Central Michigan University is currently conducting an investigation into the authenticity of images that seem to depict Connor Stalions, the suspended former Michigan football staffer at the heart of U-M’s illegal scouting and sign-stealing scandal.

As of Monday evening, photos have surfaced on the internet that strongly suggest the presence of Connor Stalions, although his identity has not been officially verified.

The pictures depict an individual donning Central Michigan University (CMU) coaching attire, complete with a conspicuously displayed pass around his neck.

This pass is labeled “VB,” an abbreviation for “visitors bench,” which is customary at Michigan State University (MSU) games and necessitates the presentation of identification for access.

Connor Stalions taking a selfie with a friend
Connor Stalions Taking a Selfie With a Friend (Source: Solders To Sidelines)

Connor currently holds a position in Michigan’s recruiting department.

His journey began at the Naval Academy, where he served as a student assistant from 2013 to 2016.

This experience at the Naval Academy provided him with a solid foundation for his role in Michigan’s recruitment department.

From 2015 to 2022, Stalions was stationed at a military base in California, all the while independently traveling back and forth to Michigan games as a dedicated volunteer.

His commitment to the Wolverines began after his service in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he initially served as a voluntary assistant before his official hiring in 2022.

Connor gained attention for his unique LinkedIn bio, which highlighted his skills in identifying the opponent’s strategies and vulnerabilities.

This expertise makes him a valuable asset to the Michigan football program.

Connor Stalions Age

Connor Stalions, a central figure in the Michigan Cheating Scandal, currently holds a position in Michigan’s recruiting department.

Notably, Stalions aspires to rise through the ranks and eventually lead the entire team, making his mark in the world of college football.

During the investigation of the scandal, authorities discovered a comprehensive document on Stalions’ computer, referred to as the “Michigan Manifesto.”

Connor Stalions caught on camera mid duty
Connor Stalions Caught On Camera Mid Duty (Source: Detroit Free Pass)

This extensive document, spanning 500-600 pages, detailed his long-term ambitions and plans to assume control of the program in the future.

Regrettably, critical personal information about Stalions, such as his age and parental background, remains undisclosed, possibly due to the sensitive nature of his involvement in the scandal.

Michigan Cheating Scandal

The world of college football is currently abuzz with a riveting scandal that has placed Michigan in the eye of the storm.

The NCAA is meticulously peeling back the layers of an alleged sign-stealing operation masterminded by a relatively low-level staffer named Connor Stalions.

Stalions’ dedication to the operation was truly remarkable, involving the purchase of tickets to games featuring other Big Ten teams and potential playoff contenders.

He had a network of operatives attending these games, all with the aim of collecting invaluable information.

Amidst the storm, Jim Harbaugh, Michigan’s head coach, vehemently denies any association with these activities, despite his past suspension for recruiting violations.

Despite the controversy, Michigan’s season has otherwise been stellar, marked by their dominance over opponents.

However, the future of the team hangs in the balance, contingent on the outcomes of their upcoming games against Penn State and Ohio State.

These games will play a pivotal role in determining their playoff destiny.

Conner Stalion and the same age military friends
Conner Stalion And The Same Age Military Friends (Source: New York Post)

This scandal has painted Michigan as a polarizing figure in college football, with many now branding them as the sport’s “villain.”

As the investigation unfolds, the spotlight on the Wolverines intensifies, casting a long shadow over other college football narratives. In parallel developments, the College Football Playoff picture is gradually coming into focus.

The victors of the Michigan/Ohio State showdown and Florida State are emerging as formidable contenders for playoff spots, with the SEC and Pac-12 champions poised to complete the postseason lineup.

Furthermore, in the realm of college football, Kansas, led by their backup quarterback, Jason Bean, achieved a stunning upset against Oklahoma, adding an unexpected twist to the season’s storyline.


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