What Is Bobby Babich Salary As Bills New DC? Net Worth & Family

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Various sources report that Bobby Babich, the Buffalo Bills’s defensive coordinator, earns over six figures.

While the exact salary of the Buffalo Bills Coach is not available, numerous estimates are circulating on the internet.

The Buffalo Bills Have Promoted Bobby Babich As Their New Defensive Coordinator
The Buffalo Bills Have Promoted Bobby Babich As Their New Defensive Coordinator (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Bobby Babich, a former American football player and current coach, was recently promoted to defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL).

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Babich is the son of football coach Bob Babich.

Babich played football and track and field at Fargo South High School in North Dakota. He later attended North Dakota State University, where he played college football for the Bison.

He has previously served as a coach for numerous teams. These teams include the Kent State Golden Flashes, Eastern Illinois Panthers, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, and FIU Panthers.

The Oklahoma-born has been with the Buffalo Bills since 2017. He started as an assistant defensive backs coach before being promoted to linebackers coach and defensive coordinator in 2024.

Buffalo Bills New DC’s Salary

The Buffalo Bills is a professional American football team known for its discretion in disclosing the salaries of its coaches.

While such information is not readily available, one can find some estimates online.

Bobby Babich Addressing The Media
Bobby Babich Addressing The Media (Source: YouTube)

Based on these estimates, it was reported that the previous salary of the coach when he held the position of Linebackers coach was around $600,000.

His dedication and hard work have paid off, as he was recently promoted to Defensive Coordinator.

However, the exact details of his new salary have not yet been made public.

This information is expected to be disclosed in due time, mainly as it interests many football enthusiasts who follow the Buffalo Bills team closely.

Bobby Babich Family

Bobby Babich is the son of Bob Babich, a well-known NFL coach whose career spanned from 2003 to 2021.

Bob held various coaching positions throughout his career, including linebackers coach for the Buffalo Bills team.

He announced his retirement at the end of the 2021 season after serving as linebackers coach for the Bills.

Bobby Babich With His Father Bob Babich
Bobby Babich With His Father Bob Babich (Source: Spectrum News)

Moreover, Bobby is a happily married man who enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

He is married to Lacey, and they have two children together – a daughter named Lainey and a son named Bray.

Bobby deeply values his family and finds great joy in being with them.

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