What Is Tom Brady Raiders Percentage? Would He Replace Jimmy G As The Team QB?

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The news of Raiders QB Jimmy G undergoing foot surgery shortly after joining the team in March has raised eyebrows among fans and analysts alike.

Considering his surgery, dismissing any potential outcomes would not be hasty, including a worst-case scenario where his recovery extends beyond training camp, threatening his first season with the team.

Adding to the mix is the impending presence of the retired quarterback Tom Brady, who has recently agreed with the team to become its partial owner.

This has led some to speculate about the possibility of Brady coming out of retirement to lead the team as their quarterback.

Tom Brady Returning To The Raiders
Tom Brady Returning To The Raiders

This sounds enticing but is highly improbable, if not entirely unrealistic.

First of all, his retirement decision seemed definitive, having chosen to step away from the game on his own terms.

Given his commitment to transitioning into other endeavors, including ownership, he is unlikely to reverse that decision soon.

Moreover, his involvement as a partial owner does not automatically translate into a return to the playing field.

Owning a team requires a substantial investment of time, energy, and focus, making it unlikely that he would juggle the responsibilities of ownership while also resuming his career as an active player.

Would He Replace Jimmy G As The Team QB?

There are practical challenges to overcome.

Returning to organized football after a significant hiatus would necessitate a rigorous training regimen to reacclimate to the game’s physical demands.

The complexities of adjusting to a new team, playbook, and teammates further compound the difficulty of such a transition.

Tom Brady And Jimmy G
Tom Brady And Jimmy G (Source: Boston)

While the prospect of Brady quarterbacking the Raiders is captivating, it remains a fantasy due to the multitude of obstacles in its path.

Instead, fans and analysts should focus on supporting Jimmy Garoppolo during his recovery and remain optimistic about his potential contributions to the team once he returns to full health.

Jimmy Garoppolo Failed Physical With Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders made a significant acquisition by bringing in Jimmy Garoppolo as their new quarterback. However, there is currently uncertainty surrounding his future with the team.

According to recent reports, the delay in Garoppolo’s introductory press conference was due to his inability to pass the team’s physical examination. Consequently, the Raiders and Garoppolo renegotiated his contract, resulting in the removal of his signing bonus.

The contract revision also introduced a waiver and release clause directly related to the season-ending injury Garoppolo suffered last year.

This clause acknowledges the potential long-term risks associated with continuing to play football in his injured condition.

As a result, Garoppolo waives his right to hold the franchise or the league responsible for any damages that may arise from his decision to play.

The significance of this issue is further emphasized in Addendum G of his contract.

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