Where Is Ariel Young Now? Condition And Health Update 2024

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In a dangerous accident a while ago, Britt Reid, the son of Andy Reid, crashed in a drunk driving case, injuring Ariel Young, leaving fans to worry about her health as of now.

Subsequently, the verdict of the case has left the family of the young girl disgusted with a feeling of injustice.

Andy Reid Son Britt Reid
Andy Reid Son Britt Reid (Source: USA Today)

Britt Reid, born on April 28, 1985, is a former coach in American football. His latest coaching role was as the outside linebackers coach for the National Football League’s (NFL) Kansas City Chiefs.

He started coaching as a Practice Squad Coach Intern under his father, Andy Reid, with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009.

Notably, he contributed to the Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LIV as the coach for linebackers and outside linebackers.

Where Is Ariel Young Now?

To begin with, the 5-year-old Ariel Young was the victim of a dangerous drunk driving case involving Britt Reid.

Britt was discovered to be operating a vehicle at a speed of 84 mph, with a blood alcohol level of .113, significantly surpassing the state’s legal limit of 0.08.

This occurred during the collision with the car carrying Ariel and her mother. They had stopped to assist a family member dealing with a broken-down vehicle.

Subsequently, the collision resulted in the rear seat, where Ariel was seated, being crushed. As a result, she sustained severe injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, a parietal fracture, as well as brain contusions and subdural hematomas.

Britt Reid Was Involved In A DUI Incident Injuring Ariel Young
Britt Reid Was Involved In A DUI Incident Injuring Ariel Young (Source: NBC)

Following this, Ariel remained in a coma for almost two weeks. She experienced memory loss along with difficulties in speech and movement as a consequence of the incident.

Britt is currently under house arrest following a partial commutation granted by the governor.

The court initially sentenced him to three years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for his involvement in the DUI crash. However, the Missouri state Governor Mike Parsons has decided to commute his sentence.

As a result, the former Chiefs coach will now serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest until October 31, 2025.

A Sense Of Injustice For The Family

After this news, the Ariel Young family expressed disgust with the decision. Consequently, Tom Porto, their attorney, conveyed that the family found the decision horrifying.

“The family is disgusted, I am disgusted, and I believe… that the majority of the people in the state of Missouri are disgusted by the governor’s actions. If you drink and drive and you put a little girl in a coma, you should have to serve the entire sentence that a judge of this state gave you.”

Undoubtedly, the crash resulted in life-changing injuries for the little girl. Felicia Miller, Ariel’s mother, expressed her disgust at the decision. 

She asserted that wealthy and renowned individuals often receive preferential treatment in the justice system compared to others.

Britt Reid Was Released On House Arrest
Britt Reid Was Released On House Arrest (Source: CNN)

Furthermore, this is not the first time Britt Reid has gotten into trouble with the authorities.
He served a sentence for showing a firearm at another driver during a road rage incident in 2007.

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