Who Are Alecia Thompson And Dennis Love, Caleb Love Parents? Family

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Caleb Love’s parents, Alecia Thompson and Dennis Love may have separated but have played vital roles in their child’s life. The Wildcats player grew up in St. Louis and is the only child of his parents.

The 6’4 Guard Caleb Love returned to Durham, but this time with Arizona Wildcats. Love played three seasons at the University of North Carolina, and earlier this year, he decided to enter the transfer portal.

Caleb Love Pictured Making A Spectacular Dunk During A Practice Game For The Wildcats
Caleb Love Pictured Making A Spectacular Dunk During A Practice Game For The Wildcats (Source: Instagram)

In his return, Love wore shoes with “Tar Heel 4L” written on them. With teammates Keshad Johnson and Oumar Ballo, Love guided the Wildcats to a 78-73 victory against the Blue Devils. 

He managed 11 points, three rebounds, and six turnovers and hit four free throws in the final 17.4 seconds. This was Duke’s first loss at Cameron Indoor Stadium since Love and North Carolina defeated them in the regular-season game last year.

Caleb Love Parents: Get To Know Alecia Thompson And Dennis Love

Caleb Love’s parents, Alecia Thompson, and Dennis Love, said their son has already paid them back. Love previously had a Twitter banner that read, “My goal is to pay back my parents.”

And maybe it was after that interview the collegiate athlete removed that bio from his handle. Caleb grew up in a supportive household, and that is visible from the support he received from Dennis and Alecia after the freshman season.

The former military personnel, Dennis Love, says he never turned away from adversities but faced them head-on. In his interview with Carl Reed, Dennis Love said when nothing is going right, it’s better to put your head down and polish your skills.

Wildcats' Newest Addition Caleb Love Photographed With His Parents, Alecia Thompson, And Dennis Love During His High School
Wildcats’ Newest Addition Caleb Love, Photographed With His Parents, Alecia Thompson And Dennis Love During High School (Source: Instagram)

Dennis was part of the football team when he was in high school, and to be selected, he had to work extremely hard. Dennis grew up in a household of fighting parents. He didn’t want to repeat the same pattern with his child.

Dennis coached his son until his high school days. When Caleb had a poor season, Dennis says he and Alecia didn’t tell their son to enter the transfer portal like many parents do.

Dennis said he never ran away from the problem, nor did Alecia. So, they didn’t want their son to quit. They constantly told Caleb adversity and competition would bring out the best in him. 

And Dennis was right. In his second year at North Carolina, Caleb shined. Dennis is available on Instagram with the username @dennis._love and constantly shares pictures of his famous son. 

Going through Dennis and Alecia’s Instagram handle, it looks like the couple has been separated for a long time. Dennis has a daughter from another relationship, and Alecia is with Lou.

Caleb And His Strong Bond With His Family

The Wildcats’ star player, Caleb Love, might come from a household of separated parents, but he has an equally strong bond with both of them.  

In 2021, the Arizona Guard wrote an emotional post for his maternal grandfather. The player shared several pictures of him and his Papa, from childhood up to his days in Northern Carolina. 

Growing up, Caleb looked up to his grandad. He was his role model. He wanted to be just like him and described his grandad as a selfless man.

On The Left: Caleb Love Pictured With His Dad And Little Sister, Caylee, And On The Left: Love Pictured With His Grandad
On The Left: Caleb Love Pictured With His Dad And Little Sister, Caylee, And On The Left: Love Pictured With His Grandad (Source: Instagram)

His Papa tried to attend every game possible, and Alecia has also shared several tributary posts for her dad on her Instagram. 

On his dad’s Instagram handle, we can see Caleb’s siblings bond with his little sister, Caylee. Dennis has shared many pictures of the trio, and little Caylee has been attending several of her big brother’s games.

The seven-year-old sister of Caleb Love has a separate Instagram handle and calls herself a style influencer. Recently, Caylee rocked a Wildcats’ hoodie as she cheered for her brother.  

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