Who Are Brian, Randi And Casey Tepper? David Tepper Kids

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David Tepper, the owner of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, has three kids, Brian, Randi, and Casey, with his ex-wife, Marlene Resnick Tepper.

Following a thirty-year marriage, David and Marlene parted ways in 2016. Subsequently, in 2019, David married Nicole Bronish after a long relationship.

Despite the shift in the family due to his second marriage, all of his children maintain a close relationship with their father.

David Tepper, The owner of The Carolina Panthers of The NFL
David Tepper, The owner of The Carolina Panthers of The NFL (Source: The Business Journal)

David Alan Tepper, a notable American hedge fund manager and billionaire, earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1978.

He later pursued an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1982.

Following his MBA, Tepper worked in the treasury department of Republic Steel in Ohio.

Subsequently, in 1984, he joined Keystone Mutual Funds (now part of Evergreen Funds) in Boston.

Today, Tepper is the owner of the Carolina Panthers in the NFL and Charlotte FC in the MLS.

He is also the founder and president of Appaloosa Management, a global hedge fund headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

Who Are Brian, Randi, And Casey Tepper? David Tepper Kids

David Tepper married Marlene Resnick Tepper in 1986, and the couple had three children together: Randi, Brain, and Casey.

David Tepper Kids
Tepper Kids Brian, Casey, and Randi (Source: X)

Despite their father’s fame and wealth, Brian, Casey, and Randi have managed to maintain a private life away from the public eye.

Randi Tepper Is The CEO Of The Tepper Foundation 

Randi Tepper, David’s daughter, plays a key role at the Tepper Foundation, where she serves as the Chief Executive Officer under her father’s leadership.

She graduated from Emory University with a degree in Political Science and has dedicated her career to public service.

David Tepper Daughter Randi Tepper
David Tepper Daughter Randi Tepper (Source: The Tepper Foundation)

Her journey began as an early childhood educator at a nonprofit school, later transitioning to roles such as a project manager for Zearn and the Chief Operating Officer at the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

Additionally, Randi actively contributes as a Board Member at Blue Meridian Partners.

Youngest Daughter Casey Is a Graphic Designer

Casey Tepper, born on April 4, 1992, is the youngest child of David Tepper and Marlene Resnick Tepper.

She attended Livingston High School before continuing her education at Union College in 2010.

During her college years, Casey was an active member of the volleyball team

Following her undergraduate studies, Casey pursued further education, obtaining a certificate in Typography and Design Portfolio from the School of Visual Arts in 2016.

David Tepper Daughter Casey Tepper
David Tepper’s Daughter Casey Tepper (Source: Union College)

She furthered her education at Shillington Education, earning a certificate in Graphic Design in 2019.

After her education, she began her professional journey as a graphic designer and merchandising intern at Signmasters Inc. in 2012, followed by a role as a marketing intern at PVH Corp in 2013.

In 2019, Casey transitioned to freelance work, currently operating as a self-employed graphic designer.

Brain Tepper Stay Away From Public

Born on July 18, 1987, Brain Tepper is the eldest child of David and Marlene Resnick Tepper.

He tends to keep his personal life private, preferring not to share many details about himself, unlike his sisters.


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