Who Are Henry & Erica Moussa, Jeremy Moussa Parents? Father & Mother

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Jeremy Moussa Parents: The amazing win of Florida A&M defeating Howard puts the American football quarterback on top of the headlines.

Jeremy Moussa, who comes from a family of four, receives unwavering pride and constant cheers from his family members.

The Moussa family consists of accomplished individuals, each excelling in their respective professional domains.

Jeremy Moussa Florida A&M University Athlete
Jeremy Moussa, Florida A&M University Athlete (Source: Instagram)

Jeremy Brandon Moussa, or Moose, was born on 26 July 2000 in San Dimas, California, United States, to Henry and Erica Moussa.

In 2017, he graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale, California.

Moreover, he transferred to Vanderbilt after guiding San Bernardino Valley College to a 9-2 record.

Although Moussa possessed a winner’s mentality, programs closed the door on his skills. Refusing to give up, the curly-haired, baby-faced signal-caller placed a bet on himself.

In San Bernardino, he earned the title of 2019 conference co-offensive player of the year.

Currently, Moose is pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration and plays football as a quarterback at Florida A&M University.

Who Are Jeremy Moussa Parents?

Henry Moussa & Erica Moussa

Jeremy Moussa hails from a well-educated family of four, including his parents, sister, and himself.

Henry and Erica Moussa, Jeremy Moussa parents, provide unwavering support, wholeheartedly endorsing his endeavors.

His mother, Erica, works as a professional real estate agent. In this role, she serves as a licensed real estate professional representing buyers or sellers in real estate transactions.

In simpler terms, she shares various pictures of houses on her social media to facilitate the buying and selling of properties.

Similarly, Henry Moussa maintains privacy about his professional life and primarily expresses cheers for his son and daughter’s achievements.

Jeremy Moussa's Parents Erica And Henry
Jeremy Moussa’s Parents Erica And Henry (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Jeremy has a younger sister named Natalia Moussa. Natalia was born on 20th May 2003 and is a 2021 Chino Hills High School graduate.

His sister plays college softball and is a member of the Molloy softball team. Nat is frequently seen supporting her dearest brother on the field during most of his games.

Moussa has been in a long-term relationship with a Jamaican model named Kayla Doig. The couple transitioned from being best friends to lovers.

The FAMU Moussa Ready To Be On Top

The HBCU Football brought a significant change for Florida A&M and quarterback Jeremy as they celebrated a win that no one had expected.

In a stunning comeback, Jeremy propelled FAMU to victory in their first Celebration Bowl by throwing for 289 yards and three touchdowns. There, they secured a triumphant win over Howard.

Despite a sluggish beginning, FAMU elevated their performance in the second half, effectively containing Howard on both sides of the ball.

Moreover, Moussa injected a twist into the game with his repeated comebacks.

Jeremy Moussa On The Rise
Jeremy Moussa On The Rise (Source: Instagram)

Both teams encountered difficulties towards the end of the half, with Moussa getting sacked in the endzone for safety.

However, the quarterback persisted, repeatedly passing the ball to another player despite being placed in a challenging situation.

The college claimed its first Celebration Bowl victory since Grambling State defeated North Carolina Central in 2016.

After securing their first-ever win, the head coach of A&M and others praised Moussa. Fans and media acknowledged his unexpected and dynamic performance.

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