Who Are Lisa And David Killebrew? Miles Killebrew Parents

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Lisa and David raised their children, Miles Killebrew, the Pittsburgh Steelers football safety, and his sister in Henderson, Nevada.

Despite living in Nevada, the Killebrew family are passionate fans of the Indianapolis Colts, which they developed during their stay in Indiana.

Being enthusiastic football fans, Lisa and David find immense joy in watching their son, Miles, pursue a sports career. 

Miles Killebrew Before Him Game
Miles Killebrew Before Him Game (Source: Instagram)

Miles Killebrew’s journey in football began when he shifted from soccer to football at a young age.

Initially, he played soccer with an overly aggressive approach, leading to red cards and ejections from games.

However, after he transitioned to football, his passion for the sport flourished.

He went on to play college football at Southern Utah, and in 2016, he was selected by the Detroit Lions in the fourth round of the NFL Draft.

Surely, his sports success has brought pride and happiness to his football-loving family.

Who Are Lisa And David Killebrew? Miles Killebrew Parents

Miles Killebrew was born on May 10, 1993, in Henderson, Nevada, to his parents, Lisa and David Killebrew.

His parents, despite not having a background in football, were sports enthusiasts. His father, David Killebrew, was an Olympic trialist in cycling.

Additionally, Miles’s sister, Kailani, was a running track at Baker University in Kansas.

When Miles initially tried his hand at sports, soccer seemed like a natural choice. However, it soon became apparent that soccer wasn’t the right fit for him.

Miles Killebrew With His Dad
Miles Killebrew With His Dad (Source: Instagram)

Notably, Lisa, Miles’ mother, played a pivotal role in recognizing his talent for football.

Despite not being a typical football family, Lisa was convinced from a young age that Miles was destined to play football.

Subsequently, Miles switched to football, which proved to be the right fit for him.

Even though the Killebrew family didn’t have a history in football, David Killebrew took on the role of coaching a youth squad, while Lisa became the team mom.

Their support and involvement were crucial to Miles Killebrew’s football journey.

Miles Killebrew Sister Kailani Killebrew

Miles Killebrew’s sister Kailani Killebrew is currently a part-time Retail Store Manager at Anthropologie in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alongside her role at Anthropologie, she has been a part-time NFL player tracker for Zebra Technologies since July 2020.

Previously, Kailani worked full-time as an Amazon Content & Marketing Specialist at G Creative Advertising and Design from October 2020 to January 2021.

Kailani Killebrew earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in International Business from Baker University, graduating in May 2018.

Miles Killebrew With His Sister
Miles Killebrew With His Sister (Source:X)

While at Baker University, she excelled academically, receiving a degree focusing on International Business and achieving proficiency in French.

Kailani actively participated in campus life, engaging in extracurricular activities such as Women’s Track & Field.

She was also a member of Mungano, a multi-cultural student-led organization. As part of her academic experience.

Kailani and Miles share a close connection, and although she may not be very active on other social media platforms, she is engaged on X, where she shares updates about her life, fiancée, and her brother.

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