Who Are Nazir, Malik & Ishmiel Wallace? Rasheed Wallace Son

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Rasheed Wallace oldest son, Ishmiel Wallace, runs a clothing line called Miél. The former NBA star has four kids, with three being biological ones. 

In 2014, the former NBA coach was involved in a divorce settlement with his wife of 15 years. Rasheed and Fatima shared two kids, and they brought one kid each from their previous relationship.

The Former NBA Player Rasheed Wallace's Right Arm Tattoo Is Dedicated To His Three Sons And His Wife
The Former NBA Player Rasheed Wallace’s Right Arm Tattoo Is Dedicated To His Three Sons And His Wife (Source: Twitter)

Before the birth of their daughter, Rasheed got a tattoo on his right arm, an Egyptian-themed family design with a king and queen and three children, the three children representing their three sons. 

The former Portland Trail Blazers player Rasheed has been critical about the current state of the NBA. Recently, he told Daily Mail that he doesn’t care about what the league wants or respects and that if it means costing himself a prestigious position, so be it. 

Rasheed Wallace Son: Two Sons From Two Relationships

The former NBA star Rasheed Wallace’s oldest son, Ishmiel Wallace, is from his previous relationship with Chiquita Bryant. It is believed that Rasheed and Chiquita never walked down the aisle. 

Born in 1995, Ishmiel, 28, didn’t see his parents get along well. They didn’t get along to the point when Ishmiel was kidnapped by his mother, and Rasheed had to use help from media sources to find his child. 

Ishmiel Wallace Pictured Promoting His Brand Miél
Ishmiel Wallace Pictured Promoting His Brand Miél (Source: Facebook)

Rasheed was given custody of his son, Ishmiel, in June 1996. But he didn’t meet his son until Christmas 1997, as Chiquita and Ishmiel were in hiding. The two were found in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. 

Today, Ishmiel lives in Newport News, Virginia, and is a graduate of Hampton University. The oldest son of the basketball player also has a clothing line called Miél. 

Ishmiel started his clothing line in 2020 but hasn’t updated the Miél Instagram page since 2022. Ishmiel is available on Facebook and has shared a few snaps.

Youngest Son Nazir Wallace 

Rasheed’s youngest son, Nazir Wallace, tried following in his father’s footsteps but couldn’t conjure a career like him. He previously graduated from Detroit Country Day School and later enrolled at Barry University. 

Nazir, born in 1997, is Rasheed’s son from his wife Fatima Labretta Wallace. The two tied the knot in 1998 and went their separate ways in 2013. 

Rasheed's Youngest Son Previously Played Basketball At Barry University
Rasheed’s Youngest Son Previously Played Basketball At Barry University (Source: Facebook)

Rasheed and Fatima’s divorce made headlines, and it was revealed that the former NBA coach had been living in a rented Troy apartment since September 2013.

In her statement, Fatima said after Wallace retired from the New York Knicks, he failed to return home to Michigan and would not talk to her. She also said Rasheed preferred texting over calling her.

Before her marriage to Rasheed, Fatima already had a ten-year-old son, whose name is believed to be Malik. Malik is out of the public limelight, and Nazir has a Facebook handle where he occasionally shares photos. 

Rasheed Wallace Daughter, Rashiyah Wallace 

Along with sharing a son, Nazir Wallace, the former couple, Rasheed and Fatima, also have a daughter named Rashiyah Wallace. The former couple’s daughter is believed to have been born sometime in 2005.

Previously, Rasheed released a children’s book titled Honeydew and Marylu. The former Celtics player said it was a tribute to immortalize his daughter (Honeydew) and niece (Marylu). 

Rasheed Wallace Previously Pictured Promoting His Children's Book
Rasheed Wallace Previously Pictured Promoting His Children’s Book (Source: Twitter)

Rasheed was credited as the book’s writer, and his friend and business partner, Saddler Ward, illustrated it. He explained that the story was about two girls conquering tying a shoe. 

Talking about the book, Rasheed said, “Everyone, no matter what you are or where you are from, had difficulty tying a shoe. It’s a universal theme. Something we can all relate to no matter of race, color, or creed.”

Rasheed has tried his best to keep his family out of the limelight. He has never shared any photos of his kids on his Instagram handle. 

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